2:13 PM

We did actually ask for more TAs and SECAs! And I would love to see the evidence that having 37 kindergarteners in one class with one teacher and not enough desks is effective. Actually, there is evidence that longer school days do not improve outcomes :).

11:50 AM

Um yeah no just because they are packaged does not mean there are added chemicals. That bag of kale is just kale. Bag of carrots is just carrots. Bag of peppers is just peppers. Bag of corn is just corn. Box of spinach is just spinach. Can of beans is beans, water and salt (aka same ingredients necessary for home Read more

10:09 AM

In Chicago, the items at farmer’s market are 3-5x more expensive than the grocery store. That’s why I don’t shop at them, although I would love to. (And I have worked at a number of farmer’s markets all across the city: it’s the same everywhere.) Also, many of her packaged items are still veggies with no added Read more

10:13 PM

Are you a professional? Because I am and I still wouldn’t make a diagnosis over the internet for a kid I haven’t met and whose parents never asked my opinion. Read more

12:41 AM

Of course! But the city of Chicago as a whole entity is wildly different from Quincy or East St. Louis. 

1:09 PM

I wouldn’t call St. Louis and KC major urban centers in the same class as Chicago. They’re less than 1/5 the size and don’t have the same power (institutional, business, cultural). 

1:01 PM

Well if you spend so much time going between East St. Louis, Quincy and Chicago, then you surely understand the difference between a major metropolitan area and a small blue collar city.

12:48 PM

Not the conversation we are having. You are comparing apples to oranges. By your logic, we should all move to Antarctica because clearly they have public safety figured out: just look at their murder rate compared to the US’s!

12:39 AM

Chicago is the Midwest, yes, but “Middle America” is a colloquial term similar to “The Heartland” specific to suburban/rural areas that are typically conservative and blue collar, not large and diverse cities. I encourage you to check out Chicago and a town like East Saint Louis or Quincy. They’re the same state but Read more

12:34 AM

Have you heard of this awesome statistical concept called proportions? Kansas City’s population is under 500,000 and Chicago’s is over 2.5 million.

12:19 PM

Messing around would be fine—stick your middle finger up at the cut out, put your arm around her, pretend to pick her nose, put a cowboy hat on her, whatever. Groping and choking the image of a woman (in this case a woman of color known for standing up to the man named on their shirts and getting shit for it) Read more

1:21 PM

Actually, the family has specifically asked that photos not be used to respect their privacy, asshole. See the Go Fund Me linked in the article for more.

10:04 PM

That is not actually correct in Chicago nor are the majority of young people who end up with EM “juvenile delinquents.” As noted in the article, it is typical for EM to be used before a minor’s court date (so they are accused but not convicted of a crime). Many times, charges are dropped. And no, they are not charged Read more

12:02 AM

I don’t see where she did any disparaging? She simply said that the social college experiences (which this girl said were her only real reason for going, adding explicitly that she wasn’t there for the education) can be had at any university and added that she could have just gone to a nearby college that she could Read more

9:21 PM

To Aretha, her family, and the venue (and what it represents). I think women should be able to wear whatever they want without fear of harassment (or worse). That doesn’t take away from the fact that there are community-set norms around dress for certain venues and events. I’m not religious, but when I accompany my Read more