Nov 23

Twenty or so years ago, I and my four brothers are at my grandmother’s house in a wealthy suburb of Boston. Our unmedicated, bipolar mother is there, and she’s agitated and starting to drink (she went through periods of thinking God had cured her of her bipolarity and would then abandon her meds, and why not a week Read more

Jun 29 2019

Yeah, and Sean Duffy had the nerve to complain how hard it was to raise his child army and keep two houses on his Congressional salary and gold-plated benefits and pension for life. Fuck him. You know he’d be the first to tell poor people not to have so many kids if they don’t want to be poor. Party of personal Read more

Jun 29 2019

I don’t recall ever disliking Rachel on the show, I was also 8 and used to watch it with my dad (my parents never cared what I watched on tv, which may see cool but they didn’t care about me much in general) so I just thought she was pretty and seemed cool. I really need to rewatch this show with my adult eyes, was Read more

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Jun 28 2019

Sean Duffy. I think they met during one of the Real World/Road Rules Challenges, and the world was made a little bit worse.

Jun 28 2019

Dated my ass. Needing to keep one's fingers out of the communal peanut butter is timeless. Puck.

Apr 17 2019

*fetches biscuits to go with tea and yes, I do mean cookies and no, not those ones you Yanks dredge in horse-cum and claim is a tasty breakfast. What is wrong with you people?*

Apr 14 2019

People are strange, particularly when you’re a stranger.

Apr 10 2019

I regret these strappy Steve Madden sandals I bought once. They cut up my feet. Let’s ban shoes.

Apr 10 2019

That, and we do things all the time we regret. People who have children regret it; people who place children with adoption regret it; people who have to surrender their children into the foster system regret it; people who get divorced and have to split custody regret it.... still, none of those things are being Read more

Apr 10 2019

Those signs are infuriating! “I regret my abortion” but you had the option to get one didn’t you!

Apr 10 2019

Those signs are really pissing me off “I Regret My Abortion.” I’m sorry that you do, that’s awful. Doesn’t mean that everyone, or even the majority of people, regret them, and you shouldn’t take away other people’s options just because you regret your choice.

Apr 4 2019

You mean the guy who is completely estranged from his family and basically every other human on the face of the earth was *also* petty with his teammates? Read more

Apr 4 2019

My cousin will text and email her kid’s teacher because her kid can’t sit still and the teacher will say HEY YOUR KID TOLD ME SHE DOESN’T WANT TO LEARN TODAY. My cousin blames the teacher!!!

Apr 4 2019

I feel like it ruins wine for me! I only drink Fridays and Saturdays (socially on Saturdays, partying with my husband and watching DVR on Fridays). Even hearing the words “mommy juice” is just cringe worthy. I honestly don’t even like joking about needing a drink after a long day because I think its dumb.