May 7 2016

The ass of baseball. At least one cheek. The other is the Yankees

May 6 2016

looks like they’re pretty livid about pitch #6, which is a called strike and is really low. Do you have a different video that shows us that #5 is the pitch they’re mad about?

May 6 2016

Jesus fucking Christ. Now Im speaking as someone who has never witnessed something like that but the idea that SIX FUCKING PEOPLE SAW A MAN MOLEST A CHILD AND DID LITERALLY NOTHING just shatters any faith I had in the goodness of man. I kind of want JoPa to get another statue just so everyone can desecrate it

May 4 2016

“Okay, this is getting kinda old. Fourteen is good enough.” - Cardinals fans (and R. Kelly)

May 2 2016

Harrison emailed us the idea for Cardinal Numbers near the beginning of the season, and asked if he could do one installment if they lost to the Nationals. So, we let him. Harrison’s a good reader.

May 2 2016

I’m always torn on whether to listen to older acts, since so many have gone so poorly. De La are smart enough to pull it off though. Thanks for the heads up - and the kind words. I’m going to do my best to forge ahead in DUAN after this whole thing was derailed for a couple weeks. Stop in any time - always love to get Read more

May 1 2016

Cardinal fans pretend they are like the old-timey pictures of baseball fans where gentlemen wore suits to the game and the ladies wore their best Sunday dresses, and they politely cheered on athleticism, effort, and sportsmanship, and in reality, the second a black player leaves the team for the Cubs their discussions Read more

May 1 2016

12-12 is fine, but the preferred .500 record among Cardinals fans is 8-8.