Hera will get her own spinoff: Space Mom. Read more

You’re making a lot of assumptions about people you’ve never met. Plenty of adult men wish they could know about what their own penis could’ve been like if their parents made a different decision. It’s also obvious that you have zero gay male friends. Not *everyone* is a bigot, but you might be. Read more

Counterpoint: People can have opinions about things relating to their bodies or even the bodies of people they know, like their siblings or children. Labeling anything that gets within a neighborhood and a half of being vaguely critical of something relating to the Jewish community isn’t advocating for Jews, its just Read more

If your conclusion was true Baylan would have followed Ahsoka, out of this supposed drive to protect his apprentice against three opponents. Simply delaying Ahsoka is not enough if he wants to give her the best chance. Knowing she will be up against three, he still does not follow, his supposed delaying was useless, Read more

If you disagree with child circumcision you’re an anti-Semitic white supremacist anti-vaxxer—what’s so hard to understand? Read more

Fuck it , I'm enjoying the show regardless. Read more

I mean, “stop circumcising kids” is the beginning and the end of my stance on the issue, so you’ll find no disagreement here. As far as I’m concerned adults can do whatever they want with their bodies,—hence “without their consent”—and I’m mostly just pushing against the the dude who thinks it’s very important that Read more

There was additional footage of the incident, but it was left on the cutting room floor... Read more

Lets start with the things you actually are generally correct about and then we’ll talk about what you are wrong about. Read more

Every review is the same. “Why haven’t they told us everything they are doing! I WANT MY FUCKING OOMPA LOOMPA!” Read more

Normal people: Isn’t it kind of weird that we’re just randomly lopping off dick parts without consent for no viable medical reason? Read more

That’s Shaak Ti. She dies like 7 different ways in the Revenge of the Sith deleted scenes.  Read more

If you have foreskin you can just...wash your dick. You do know you’re still supposed to wash your dick even if you’re circumcised right? Read more

Baylan has no reason to fight Ahsoka. He is clearly on a different path and she is all about finding Sabine and Erza and stopping Thrawn. There is not even a hint of interest or concern with Baylan. He could just ignore her instead of provoking her into taking more of an interest. That interaction came off as “we Read more

the creators have the good sense and good taste not to show her.” Read more

It works, Sabine senses her, and just in time too as Thrawn uses the Nightsisters to find Ahsoka and force her out of hiding. She flies out, presumably heading towards where Sabine and Ezra are.”

The timing of events in the scene really made it seem that Ahsoka’s use of the Force was what allowed them to pinpoint her Read more

Not much happens?! I thought this was the most exciting ep yet in terms of action.
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I thought it was a great episode, kept me entertained. 
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