Seriously. How does a purported movie site not know the difference between these? They aren’t even close to spoilers. Read more

Oh yes. She was my favorite as a kid. Almost forgot about her. Gorgeous! Read more

Wait... is this true? About House of M, etc originating as a movie studio feud? I’ve never heard of this and I find it hard to believe, considering that most of the mutants that any studio cares about remained as mutants. Read more

In the comics, she doesn’t just psyche people out, she can alter the fabric of reality. In House of M, she had a mental breakdown and altered reality to remove most mutants from existence. Read more

I’m guessing ‘nerf her powers’ - if they made her as powerful as she is in the comics, this wouldn’t even be a contest. She nearly ended mutant kind after all. Read more

I haven’t read the series in a while, but I recall there being a pretty solid reason Cap was finally over this oversight shit by the time the SRA rolled around. It wasn’t just a random turn of character - there was a lot leading up to it. Read more

Yeah, I thought it went with out saying that Sokovia was at the center of the SRA in the movie storyline. I agree that Bucky was thrown in to put Cap on the anti side - otherwise, it would make more sense from movie perspective that Tony was the fugitive, given that Ultron was his fault. Read more

I’m sure you’ll get a lot of “what about...?!?!” comments, but I’m simply shocked the story of the dad with the kids who “needed real coffee so they don’t grow up to be pussies” and the couple who told them off and then did a song and dance before driving off didn’t make the cut. Read more

I had zero success with OKC - could barely get anyone to respond, much less a date, but I’ve gone on dozens of dates from Tinder and even met my current GF there. Read more

The whole thing is stupid, because he could have just tucked the hood under the jersey. Read more

You’re wrong. If you’re making a product out of ingredients that inherently have no gluten and you’re making them in a facility that has no gluten, then those products are 100% gluten free. Not 99.999999% gluten free, but 100% gluten free. Read more

Omission is by far the best GF IPA in my opinion, though I haven’t tried the Merchant. Read more

In the case of GF beer, sure, but most breads and things are actually 100% gluten free. Read more

He doesn’t need to know the ins and outs. He also doesn’t need to be a dismissive dick about it. Read more

Exactly. So I get to pay extra money for something with a much worse taste and texture that usually comes in smaller portions? Read more

I concur on both accounts. Really fun, weird place to explore - except for the plague of skeeters. Never have I ever been eaten alive by mosquitos like I have in Indian Heaven (and I’ve been in jungles). Read more

The Earth’s outer core is composed primarily of iron and as it rotates around the inner core, it creates a magnetic field. Planets without this likely either have less-ferrous cores (or no ‘solid’ core at all in the case of our gaseous neighbors). Read more

I’ve never quite understood the offense taken to Orient. It is a geographical term (just like “Asian”) that literally means “East” and refers to the Eastern hemisphere. To my knowledge it was never used as a slur. So why is “Asian” ok and “Orient” bad bad bad? Read more

Yup. Even at shitholes like Subway, you’ll see sandwich makers handle money and then rush right back to finishing a sandwich. Gloves do nothing. Read more

Of course you choose the two worst brands of cider to review. These are crap, but Stella Artois cider is heavenly. Ditto Smith & Forge, Atlas, Crispin, and Fox Barrell. Read more