STRENGTHS: Shows good size, potential for growth, gets solid extension
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Chris Jones: Only defensive linemen to finish his 40 with a sack. Read more

Savvy kid. You always jump on a loose ball. Read more

I’ve heard a lot of guys brag that if they ran, they’d trip over their own dick, but this is the first time I’ve actually seen it happen.
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“...his genitals came flying out of his shorts while trying to beat five seconds.” Read more

Great, now I am going to have to pay more attention to my bookshelf and make sure it isn’t communicating with me. Read more

So, superficially, it sounds to me like it might be the sci-fi thriller version of “House of Leaves”. As in, your primary character is following the investigation files of a second party, who in turn was working off the video of the people who lived the initial event? Or am I reading too much into that?
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exactly. this is foreshadowing Read more

Yep. “I made it through my 20s, everyone else surely can!” But not everyone in their 20s has parents who are willing and able to pay their cell phone bills or wire them a few hundred bucks as needed. Read more

Especially fun when you consider that Scarlet Witch is Magneto’s daughter in the comics. Surely he would’ve had time to experiment on her mind-powers in-between changing diapers. I’ll bet he used cloth ones - can you imagine how quickly he can whip safety pins across the room? Read more

Jessica has 99 problems too, but she never trusted that B**** in apartment 23. Read more

Still wish she was a mutant, but who am I to judge?
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I’ve got slightly mixed feelings about this one. It looks great. I’m sure it will be great for what it is, a follow-up to Winter Soldier. Which is still my favorite Marvel movie. Read more

It won’t be required reading. In the comics, after a bunch of basically unreadable expository build-up, a group called the New Warriors accidentally leveled an elementary school full of children while trying to stop some asinine supervillain scheme, and the US government adopts the Superhuman Registration Act as a Read more

The comics ENDED awful, but there was some really good stuff along the way. Read more

First time a Rams receiver has been successfully targeted since Marc Bulger was under center.
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Really, Eugenics is where you go? Troll much? Read more

Yeah...I'm not tipping more than a buck for a beer. Mixed drink? A couple of bucks. Three if it's strong. Read more