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What kind of bike do you ride?


You don’t ride bikes?

No, of course I ride bikes. 

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Most tracks you can’t get a 1000cc to the limit unless your lucky enough live around a world class circuit and have significant training and track experience. I will say that lower cc is better for a numerous reasons on the track where a person will actually rip the bike at their own pace. Read more

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You’re right,but those are extremely good these days.But they don’t invalidate the argument that 200HP is pointless.Essentially those things allow 200hp bikes because they dont let it use the 200hp,lol

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I mean this article is no different than saying hypercars have too much power. They also have electronic assist everything, hell most of them are automatics now and they drive perfectly fine. One can basically daily an Aventador the same way one can a Panigale V4S.
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In 1989 I brought a Micro Machine Blue Angels F-18 for Show & Tell in Kindergarten. It was stolen from my locker and the culprit was caught the same day, because he was 5. I transferred schools after a few weeks and never saw the guy again, until we ran into each other in a college bar. He turned the story around that Read more

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Anytime someone mentions buying an Audi on this site, someone else has to jump in with a comment about terrible maintenance. I bought a 2012 A5 in 2016 with about 34k miles. I’m up to 82k now, and the only thing outside of normal maintenance I’ve had to do was replace a wheel bearing. My uncle has had an A8, S6, and 3 Read more

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3rd Gear: The wife and I just added to the heat in the used car market. Picking up a 2017 Audi A6 3.0T Premium Plus S-line for less than 45% of sticker tonight. It only has 25k miles and 11 months left on the factory warranty. It’s crazy how much sedans, especially near premium and up, depreciate. And it’s crazy how Read more

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Yep, I like the way my wagon drives. Perfectly happy with it. I have zero desire to own a minivan, if this guy likes them good for him. Doesn’t mean I’m immature because I have no need for a minivan 

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Hey, look, found the correct take!

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Obligatory rear crash test video for the Sienna. RIP 3rd row occupants

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and thats why I bought an M3 to haul the kids in. Did the SUV thing for awhile while they were still in car seats but moved back to sedans afterwards. Grew up in a Dodge Caravan in the 90s and that was a great family vehicle for long road trips. Read more

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Reduced consumption of meat, more utilization of mass transit, taking financial positions that don’t support fossil fuels, reducing overall consumption for packaging waste and generally less buying disposable stuff that I don’t need. Will I be saving the planet single-handedly? No, but if more of us just did that we’d Read more