12:02 PM

Not to mention....Literally ALL the shows main relationships (Alice, Jacob, Mary, hell even Bruce) are direct familial ties to Kate Kane. Which was honestly the most interesting aspect, especially when compared to the other CW-verse shows. Read more

1:09 PM

Fuck her husband as well. She didn’t do this on her own, and he has monetized content too. 

12:58 PM

Apparently she did it for months and wanted to find another ‘special needs’ kid that wasn’t as needy. People found her in the Special Needs Facebook Groups trawling for another one and called her out on it.

Oh and the bullshit about ‘not knowing his needs?’...Yea they knew.

12:38 PM

What sucks about this moment is that this *could* have been an opportunity to talk about the real issue of people with adoption regret, or adoption... idk fatigue, in which they are faced with raising a special needs child in addition to the stresses of adoption, let alone transracial adoption. But it can’t be, ‘cause Read more

11:34 AM

Who knew that treating a little boy like a disposable prop to polish your influencer brand was where people would draw the line?

7:00 PM

I actually like how Adam Driver played Ben post-Kylo Ren, so I would keep in the redemption, but have it last longer and not kill him off. Like, if Palpatine takes over, have Palpatine take over and have Kylo decide to team up with Rey to kill Palpatine from the first act of the movie. Have him do it for selfish Read more

6:56 PM

But Abrams didn’t want to move on from the past and the movie suffered greatly for it.

God, I wish they had just let Kylo be the villain and gave Finn an arc that let him use his past to inspire a revolt. Hell, they could have even left his Force Sensitivity in and let him end the movie as Rey’s first apprentice. 

6:26 PM

I mean, there really isn’t a continuity issue — she just rebuilt Luke’s lightsaber. But why rebuild the same lightsaber as before when Rey could build a new one that fit her better? It would have made a ton more sense. (And, as a bonus, with Luke’s lightsaber still destroyed, no “bury the lightsabers at Tatooine” Read more

6:18 PM

I wish she had used this in the film itself, rather than just showing it at the very end. I really like the concept of her creating a new lightsaber in order move on from the past. I just wish, you know, it had actually happened in the film, rather than in Offscreensville. Read more

1:30 PM

Another problem among the many is that short-form mobile-friendly content exists already, and it’s YouTube. Quibi isn’t carving out a brand-new niche in a streaming environment, it’s basically just “YouTube but with worse branding, less content, more restrictions.”

4:28 PM

One of my FB friends posted it like 3 times, saying “they keep deleting it!” like that was some reasoning as to why it must be true. There’s a cover-up! They don’t want you to know what’s real! We better keep posting about it and talking about it so everyone can see it! Fight the system! Read more

4:13 PM

She’s been at this a long time. Her Wikipedia page calls her an anti-vaxxer and conspiracy freak. Several pages describe her activities before she took this current opportunity to scare and misinform people: Read more

2:08 PM

Exactly, I thought it was known that Rob Leifeld ripped it off from Deathstroke? And they’re even named Wilson.

2:04 PM

But Deathstroke is SLADE Wilson. Deadpool is WADE Wilson. Clearly different.