9/15/20 3:12PM

All this 'crazy Nancy' bullshit eminates from her powerful position as 2nd in the presidential line behind Pence. 

9/15/20 3:07PM

Jesus Christ, I don’t know which astonishes me more. The fact that Cramer actually called Pelosi that while interviewing her, in a manner that is clearly not critical of the term, or that his defense is that... he hates that people call Pelosi that horrible term? Like... Huh? I keep reading that and still can’t grasp Read more

9/15/20 2:32PM

Jon Stewart’s public eviscerations of Jim Kramer and Tucker Carlson proved long ago that conservatives don’t care about facts and critical thinking. Read more

9/15/20 2:17PM

If Maddow called McConnell Moscow Mitch in an interview she would have been fired before the end of the next commercial break. If a right winger called Pelosi Crazy Nancy on air nothing will happen and if anything does he would be hired immediately by Fox for a multimillion dollar contract. 

9/15/20 2:15PM

So. After using a sexist nickname against her, he decided to cover his tracks by mansplaining what she heard to her and wants to dictate how she should react. The audacity of male chauvinism. 

8/23/20 9:54PM

While that is true, the timing of this just before an election is excellent timing. I’ll take it. Read more

8/20/20 3:02PM

Incel nerds. Very niche target, but willing to pay mucho bucks because desperate.

8/20/20 2:10PM

He can pick up his shit and move the fuck away from me. What a ratfuck.

8/20/20 1:53PM

Wait.  The guy in the lede photo is a pick up artist?

8/18/20 8:37PM

These comments are wild. Did a lot of people here jerk off to Lords back in the day, and now want to defend themselves or something? She was a victim of childhood sexual abuse who got into porn to fuel her drug habit. The idea that she was some kind of genius mastermind manipulating everybody in the industry is Read more

8/18/20 6:17PM

You clearly want to justify a minor being in porn.

8/18/20 5:47PM

I’m not taking any sides here but I will point out that getting fake IDs and documents in the 1980s was way, way easier than it is now. I knew several people who got legit fake driver’s licenses straight from the DMV back then. 

8/18/20 5:16PM

Thank you for this. These comments are making me sick. She discusses her rape as a child in her book (by a teenage neighbor). Her mom helped her get into porn. This is not some mastermind, she is an abuse victim.

8/18/20 4:41PM

“You ruined my life because you did porn while underage” is certainly an interesting grudge to hold. We need to be honest about the industry when discussing how that was even possible. Sure plenty of people sneak into bars with a fake ID but this was a job. She was able to get past an I-9? She falsified documents that Read more

8/18/20 3:55PM

Ugh, that podcast sounds really gross and victim-blamey. I always like Lords during her later acting career.

8/18/20 3:28PM

Thank you for refering to her as a child. I’ve seen so many fucking guys lately say “Underage women” fuck off she was a child you prevs. Read more