7/25/19 9:42PM

Someone on reddit theorized that there was no stolen T-Shirt; the manager’s intent was to harass the group until they left. 

4/08/19 10:52PM

I always tip 20% no matter what and I do it because of a commenter here, who wrote that her dad said that he always tips 20% even if the service is bad because you never know what someone’s day has been like. Prior to that, I used to adjust (or not tip) based on service. I felt judgmental and smug, and I guess that’s Read more

7/19/18 9:08PM

Here’s my tip for everyone working in an office. NEVER learn to fix the printer or copier, because if you do, you will end up fixing them all the damn time. 

7/05/18 8:47PM

They better check his fucking pockets. And the trunk of this car. 

6/24/18 10:36AM

That’s obviously a lie. If she was upset about the noise, she could have spoken to the little girl. Since she didn’t, but instead called the police, we know that was her goal — to humiliate and terrify a child with the most effective tool at her disposal: the police. She’s not about community, she’s not about peaceful Read more

5/29/18 7:23PM

I remembered that. I don’t know what the evolution of a TBI is, but it certainly seems to me that her brain has further degraded in some way.

5/29/18 3:30PM

She probably promised them she would curtail her most horrendous impulses, but because she’s a fucking nut, she couldn’t.

5/29/18 3:28PM

I knew she pull something like this. She should get a brain scan, because there’s some damage there.

1/17/18 9:35PM

I have to say that having that Nazi flag makes me believe that this wasn’t some spur of the moment “dare.” It was definitely planned and there must have been more than one conversation about how to proceed. Like, logically the flag came first, and prior to the the flag came all the racist, bigoted shit. This wasn’t a Read more

6/06/17 9:24AM

Someone put up a sign at my dog park about a dog that was aggressive. They described the dog and gave the number to animal control if anyone saw the dog acting aggressively again. Actually, Animal Control might have put up the sign, now that I think about it.

12/08/16 7:38PM

Right. Because it’s not like being President of the U.S. is a full-time job, or anything.

11/11/16 2:56PM

He’s not going to do anything but be a prop for Republican held Senate and Congress. And throw parties, and brag, and gild the Oval Office.

11/09/16 11:15PM

This is actually true. Prior to actually losing, Hillary and her team always knew her lead was very fragile (their words). They were hoping the enthusiasm would catch, and they would gain momentum with voters (Like PBO did after Bill Clinton’s speech), but it never happened and that hope eroded after the FBI email Read more

11/04/16 12:18AM

It was political. She has deep southern roots and is a singer and renowned artist with millions and millions of fans. There is no reason she shouldn’t sing at the CMAs, especially with a country song off her new album. The only reason people could object is because of her race, because they think country music is a Read more

10/17/16 7:28PM

Am I dumb? I thought this was a direct response to Trump’s ludicrous Make America Great again campaign, and was gently but sincerely urging us to not vote for the candidate who is against diversity, public spaces, publicly-funded projects, etc (because those are the things that make us great already).

9/28/16 7:26PM

Isn’t it The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE)?

8/01/16 7:25PM

But I would guess that taking notes during the movie made you overly-critical of the movie, and get less enjoyment from it.