Evan Fowler
Oct 23

Did you watch The Vow? There’s a part in it where Raniere is irritated that someone doesn’t want to move to Albany “We have everything here-arts, culture-we’re the modern Rome!”. I burst out laughing.

Oct 23

I would think you would have to be kidnapped, hypnotized, drugged etc... to come to the conclusion that you’re gonna spend time in freaking ALBANY ?

Oct 23

Raggedy Ann & Andy was hands down the scariest movie I had seen as a little kid until that window-scratching scene in Salem’s Lot got to me at 12 or so. It’s like all the scariest parts of the Toy Story franchise with the threat of lost dolls and toys. Jesus fucking Christ, one of the villains, The Greedy would

Oct 22

Pointing out when the president says an obvious lie is exactly the job of a journalist. What the fuck is wrong with you? Read more

Oct 22

Journalists are SUPPOSED to have an adversarial relationship with the government. It’s literally why you dummies have a fucking first amendment. You want stenographers? Hire fucking stenographers.

Oct 22

Anyone has the right to debate the president. That is whole point of the Declaration of Independence. Yes, I know that isn’t a law, but it’s a principle that is echoed in the Constitution and especially the Bill of Rights. Read more

Oct 22

I have to admit, Tom Holland is pretty much perfect casting for this role. He has the whole “casual conversation while fighting” thing down perfect already. He looks enough like the game character to fit well. Honestly, I can’t think of anyone who would fit better. Now here’s hoping they don’t F up the script.  

Oct 22

I’ll be the first to admit that Mr. Holland is a lot more convincing-looking than I’d dreaded he’d be.

Oct 21

I found out about this hours ago, and I still have that feeling you got when you were little and your balloon got away.

Oct 20

Still waiting for the Apple Dumpling Gang Extended Universe. Come on Disney! This is a no brainer!

Oct 19

Understood. But it won’t be on Reese’s wrappers, because all that goes straight in the trash.

Oct 12

Just finished it, absolutely loved it. Really appreciate when a show is willing to put big moments mid-season rather than shove every major reveal and event at the end, it makes everything feel more real. Read more