Evan Ecclestone
Aug 2 2019

i still don’t really know who Kristen Chenowith is, even after the 500 days..

Apr 16 2019

the inferority complex comes from having 100,000 more people than Hamilton, Ontario, who desperately begs for an NHL team but will never get one, at least from a hockey perspective.. Read more

Mar 8 2019

my custom Super Mega Baseball 2 team is called Death, and has a player named Polio Canceraids..

Jan 15 2019

i completely see your point, except the world-class culinary experience of a white house dinner amidst a goverment shutdown is not available, so you must rely on Trump’s budget, paying for a visit from a National Championship winner (thank god for the other teams that didn’t show) out of his own pocket, with fast Read more