Evan Ecclestone
May 4

God damn right. One thing I noticed last rewatch is how the subway characters don’t have names in the credits, just descriptions (The Old Man, The Spanish Woman, The Pimp, etc. -- basically how you would describe them if you were riding the subway with them) but they all feel like real people with lives behind them Read more

Apr 21

Appropriate name you gave yourself. Almost your entire comment history is defending police killing black people and denying the existence of racism

Feb 23

Why research your article when you can just reprint the press release and call it your own? Or, in Sam's case, add a little hipster snark to show you are much too cool to research it.

Feb 20

I feel we could make more emphatic that the problem here is the harassment and the threats, how some of the women were underage, and the fact that D’Elia doesn’t address those facets head on. And that the problem is NOT that he sought sex with adult fans, or that he did so with frequency. (If he is a sex addict, that Read more

Jul 3

That’s one hundred percent not the argument I’m making. Put ‘em all online. My hope is that it encourages people to see theatre live when that’s something that’s possible again. 

Jun 30

Because I saw this on another slide show thread and found it very useful: minimize your browsing window a little and the slide show goes away! Read more

Jun 14

Correction: White female dressed in Anarchy gear sets fire to local business in the latest attempt by white people to center themselves in black Americans ongoing attempts to try and fight for equality. FIFY. Dear white allies if you are going to do this shit and somehow take none of the blame while black folks get Read more

Jun 5

Oh my goodness. Michael, I am so glad you’re okay and I hope your hands have no lasting discomfort or injury! Everything you wrote and said in the video is true from my own experience: when their eye is trained to notice that which doesn’t belong, it always falls on a Black person! Then while they’re watching us, Read more

Jun 5

I’ve spent a few evenings watching a white journalist reporting from Portland, OR, saw him teargassed a few times but it never had me worried for his safety. Last night I saw Michael Harriot’s tweet that he’d been arrested, and I was more worried about a stranger than I’ve ever been. It was a relief to see Read more

Jun 5

I mean, one of the great iconic images of the Black Power fist is from the 68 games and Peter Norman had the sense to ask his fellow athletes about how to appropriately support them and it was not raising a white fist. That was over 50 years ago, so...

Jun 5

I haven’t watched the video, either. I haven’t watched any of them. I can’t handle it, and I don’t know if it’s fragility or what—I’ve always assumed watching a stranger die would feel to me like an intrusion on them, like mere voyeurism. Which sounds high and mighty of me, though I don’t mean it to be, because I get Read more

Jun 5

I think it’s because you haven’t seen the full video. I’ve seen tons of police brutality videos. Generally, they’re short and if they end in death it’s from a gun shot. This was different. It was long and slow and painful and my hands kept clenching into fists wanting to reach into the screen and stop it (never had a Read more

Jun 4

Apologize in advance as not sure how to approach this without sounding like I’m mansplaining, and can’t think of how to do this without it being a novella. This stuff is really messy, so will probably not explain it well.
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