Aug 7 2016

That’s exactly the problem. It’s not a right but a privilege to be able to drive. People can’t drive. can’t zipper method for merging, can’t do this or that. Read more

Aug 7 2016

People will never understand cars. Most people can barely turn a door knob or push the right button on their appliances. (and why designers keep making them more complicated is complete insanity)
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Jul 29 2016

Correct me if I'm wrong, but the house passed a Zika bill and the senate and POTUS refused to sign it.

Jul 14 2016

90% of road rage issues would disappear if assholes would just use their turn signals!!!

Jul 12 2016

You guys are fucked in the head. If this makes a big difference to you I suggest seeking a therapist asap.

Jul 12 2016

The machine is not dangerous. The parent was not watching her child. That robot moves at a snail’s pace and attracts a lot of onlookers and picture takers. It does stop around humans. I suspect the child ran into the robot instead.

Jul 8 2016

Yeah, the poor mass murderer really didn’t get enough options explored to take him alive. These fucking pigs man, they can’t even climb up the wall and karate chop the detonator out of the “suspect’s” (because there is a ton of doubt he was guilty in this case, right?) just like in the movies. Why didn’t they shoot Read more