5:35 PM

If men would just start from the perfectly reasonable premise that nobody actually wants to see photos of our dicks, the world would be a better place.

12:10 PM

When I read the announcement that he’d be kicked out I thought it was too little too late, but the knowledge that this bullshit “punishment” actually upsets him to the point of consulting with a legal team gives me great pleasure. Is there anything else he can be kicked out of? A frequent flyer mile program? A Read more

6:55 PM

Your point is valid in the general discourse - there is absolutely a consistent narrative from mothers to child-free women that is along the lines of “you don’t understand x,y,z or anything because you don’t have a child.” The idea that I and many other women do not have a child by choice, is very much lost on them. Read more

6:19 PM

Are you being serious? This woman is an Iraq war veteran who lost her fucking legs piloting a helicopter that went down and you’re going to drag her like that? Consider your bullshit before you share it, please.

6:18 PM

What a ridiculously uncharitable reading. She explicitly says she cared about it, but noticed new things about the issues when she was undergoing it herself. This is natural, and exactly why we want all kinds of diversity in our representative bodies. She never refused to sign an airport breastfeeding bill - she just Read more

6:14 PM

Uhhh...she’s a double-amputee from her service in Iraq. Pretty sure popping out kids is easy-peasy for her. If you’re saying she didn’t care about mommy problems before she became one, does anyone?

2:40 PM

Don’t forget the “ally scarcity mentality” these shills always promote. “Ladies, shh! If we aren’t nice to these five weird dudes who constantly spam the Jez comment section, we’ll have no male allies left!” Meanwhile I’m thinking about my husband, dad, brothers, uncles, friends and other men who are my actual Read more

12:49 PM

I will say that unless you’re on this site all the time you’re not always aware of who everybody is and what’s going on with them. There are lots of commenters I thought were cool because I wasn’t on here enough to see all of the awful stuff they were saying, or they were only saying it on other kinja sites or twitter Read more

10:36 AM

I am a huge, huge original-recipe “Roseanne” fan. I have seen every episode like 50 times. You could not pay me to watch this revival, especially with the Trumpish BS. 

11:14 AM

Admittedly, as the ED of an animal shelter, I am a bit biased, but yeah, there was nothing in that article that pointed to some grand effort by “animal rights activists” to go after this lady. I mean there are some bat-shit insane people in my field who will go after anyone they feel is “wrong” but that really doesn’t Read more

12:41 PM

lol.............I’d settle for #Barb’

12:55 PM

I find it chilling. A lot of people criticize it for being shallow, but they’re all wet—it’s actually really deep.

11:27 AM

I’m not saying that he got caught fucking his neighbor’s wife but I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that he got caught fucking his neighbor’s wife.

12:04 PM

Instead of filming a third movie, I think they should just continue to hiss at each other on social media and in interviews for a while. It’s probably as embarrassing as a third movie would be, and like a final movie, I will still watch it.