Eric Loy
Oct 26 2019

Not to mention the apparent supposition that there’s virtually no way Kansas State could have either stopped OU from going 38 yards nor won in OT.

Oct 25 2019

If a Classic Rock radio programmer put in a single Simon and Garfunkel song, they would be fired for just cause. Replace them and Billy Joel with solo Joe Walsh, Deep Purple, Blue Oyster Cult, Peter Frampton, The Kinks and Moody Blues.

Oct 17 2019

I absolutely cannot wait for some random game in February when he has a ridiculous put-back dunk or he drives and posterizes someone and we all get to gush about it. I hope he plays until he’s 50.

Oct 13 2019

This being high school, his friends would have told me that it doesn’t count if the first time he scored was in the other end.

Oct 6 2019

Maybe not him, but certainly the Bears defense. That was garbage. They have a half dozen all-pros on that side of the ball, but it didn’t look like it today. Huge holes and point of attack r yards downfield. Way too many tackles by the secondary in the running game. Except when they were missing tackles. Read more

Sep 25 2019

You guys aren’t looking at the big picture. It rains diamonds on Neptune. Diamonds. What a score. If only there were a crew crazy enough to pull it off.

Sep 23 2019

Oh no! Now UCF fans can’t claim to be Ultimate Wizard Champions of All Creation, or whatever made up shit they labeled their second-tier team with.

Sep 23 2019

Welcome to America in 2019, where Arians claim to be helping a Gay but really just want to set them further back.

Aug 23 2019

[extremely Elton John voice] get that, chonky cat

Aug 17 2019

He went on to say that the players parents should take turns bringing orange slices and that they should go out for pizza and/or ice cream after each game.

Aug 17 2019

What we need is a mercy rule for yet another snoozer of a Yankees season. They’re making the playoffs for the 21st time in the last 25 years. Can we fast forward to the playoffs for them? Even then, they might face the Twins or the A’s, teams that haven’t touched the Yanks in October since the time when this blessed Read more

Aug 10 2019

Movies don’t kill people. Assault rifles wielded by right wing extremists kill people.

Jul 24 2019

They did cancel them, the workers went back to putting the notch at a completely random point on the dipstick.

Jul 24 2019

If this had happen during the Montreal portion of the Rays season, it would have been even more confusing because it would have all been in metric.