Eric Loy
Oct 26 2019

Hosted and co-hosted a lot of college postgame radio shows and I can guarantee you that one replay will be the only thing many fans will remember about the game.

Oct 26 2019

You missed the point. That one replay cost Oklahoma the game and maybe season, NOT giving up 48 points to Kansas State.

Oct 25 2019

Also, no Beach Boys. Yes Mellencamp and Steppenwolf.

Oct 25 2019

If a Classic Rock radio programmer put in a single Simon and Garfunkel song, they would be fired for just cause. Replace them and Billy Joel with solo Joe Walsh, Deep Purple, Blue Oyster Cult, Peter Frampton, The Kinks and Moody Blues.

Oct 23 2019

This suit has no merit. LoDuca’s claim actually makes West look like a better umpire by giving him a reason to be so lousy.

Oct 12 2019

Rutgers at Illinois on November 2nd. Could be the day football died.

Sep 22 2019

What is weirder is that people expected him to play at his career quality level after freezing him out for so long.

Sep 20 2019

Lost in the highlight was the news at the bottom of the screen that the Dolphins claimed a taco.

Sep 11 2019

So, was he mad that the Pirates were using someone to close who could actually pitch well?

Aug 23 2019

An ever-growing number of media owners, meanwhile, are so exceedingly unwilling to reckon with the particulars of their own business that they refuse to accept our eagerness to help them make money.” Read more

Aug 9 2019

Except when teams play AA-AAA talent and charge fans MLB prices.

Aug 4 2019

His Strat-O-Matic card will be interesting. Pitcher-2 Left Field-1.