Sep 16

Its weird, when his pic pops up I just get sad, unless its him as Black Panther, then I don’t.

Sep 15

I as just wondering yesterday what kind of arrangements had been made for him. I assume they wanted to keep any service private. It still hasn’t quite sunk in that he’s gone.

Aug 28

I don’t know why this is hitting me so hard. I really feel for his family. Fuck this year. 

Aug 28

RIP to the fucking king.

Aug 23

Cut this shit out. She is a teenager in a dysfunctional family. You are compounding her anguish. Just stop.

Aug 19

MLSE owns almost every Toronto teams and venues. Legal fees would be pocket change to them, they’ve got the money to bury this racist mofo and I hope they do.

Aug 19

There’s nothing to lose except money in Ujiri’s case, and he can afford it so I hope he fights it on principle. It’ll cost that lying, racist cop more.

Aug 18

The thing I notice whenever these types set their spirits free, it’s always with women, the elderly and people who are clearly non-aggressive. This skinny thumb would never have rolled up like that on a dude in dreads wearing a jersey and thumping hip-hop. Never!

Aug 13

This was such a well made doc, I think everyone should see it. I recently read the book Def Jam, Inc., and it was interesting to see a completely different perspective of what was going on during that time. 

Aug 6

The words are literally (and simply) “...BLACK ...LIVES ...MATTER”. Read more

Aug 5

They burned down her house?!

Aug 5

The whole thing is so fucking sad and just a wretched indictment of society, both the immediate aftermath and that years later we collectively could not help and protect her instead of the rapist. Even with all the perceived visibility around sexual assault and rape in the last few years (#metoo, Nassar doc, Audre and Read more

Aug 5

Can you tack the hotline paragraph to the bottom, please.

Aug 5

I’m going to say this much in my opinion, this young was probably strong enough to have survived the sexual assault, but not the outlandish assault sat upon her by her community, public servants, and that piece of shit family the Barnett’s. Read more

Jul 31

Why do you think that is?