Sep 15

I hear you. Every time I see a picture of Mr. Boseman, my first reaction is to click on it to find out what he’s working on currently, and then a split-second later my mind catches up and reminds me that he’s no longer with us. Read more

Aug 19

Unfortunately, “this asshole is lying and I have the receipts to prove it” is generally one of the more expensive ways to defend a lawsuit, even if you have conclusive video evidence at hand. There’s a good chance this will end in a confidential settlement to save on legal fees. Read more

Aug 18

True, in the absence of firearms. Give this type of man a gun, however, and he’ll happily seek out a confrontation with teenagers of color because they’re thumping hip-hop. Read more

Aug 13

I saw On the Record recently, and found it extremely compelling and well-crafted. I highly recommend it. Read more

Aug 12

Why has California cherry picked Lyft & Uber to force them to include their gig workers as employees and not gone after the other Silicon Valley Mega Corporations?

What am I missing here? Read more

Aug 6

It’s like a Rorschach test for racial consciousness. Read more

Jul 8

Records show he beat his enslaved workers, including doling out a brutal public whipping to a woman he felt had been “putting on airs.” And when any of them ran away, he pursued them and put them in chains when they were recovered. In an 1804 newspaper advertisement for a 30-year-old runaway named Tom, he offered an Read more

Apr 28

Such chunky bezels! What is this, a 2008 MacBook Air? Read more

Apr 14

I hear your concerns, but I don’t share them. For whatever reason, Firaxis has been running very short marketing campaigns for XCOM products for quite some time. Read more

Feb 12

It certainly does. A good reminder that clicking through from the news report to the original post is often worth the trouble.

Feb 12

Very interesting. I never would have thought that an item-deleting bug could be caused by tampering with code governing the time stamps of quests. I wonder if it’s related to the curious UI for quests in Destiny 2, where quests are displayed as “items” in a “quest inventory,” rather than entries on a to-do list. I’ve Read more

Oct 22

CPS schools are in fact open; they’re offering free childcare during regular school hours. They’re also offering breakfast and lunch, as per the usual for CPS. There’s no teaching going on, obviously, and I can’t speak to the quality of the activities on offer at every school, but my eight year old is enjoying Read more

Jun 8 2019

Of course, in Vanilla WoW, there was no sharding. When the server filled up, you had to queue to log in, and if excessive numbers of people tried to congregate in one place, the lag became brutal. I suspect every Vanilla Alliance player remembers entering Ironforge, hitting a lag spike, and falling into a trench.

Apr 9 2019

Excellent. Little details can make such a big difference in usability; I’m glad to see GMG paying attention to inclusive web design.

Mar 16 2019

As Dragonfliet said, you can probably jump in right now and have fun with the campaign and leveling to 30. The game is gorgeous, the combat punchy, and the flying very satisfying. There are definitely some quality-of-life issues left, such as bugged missions and excessive loading screens, but the overall experience is Read more

Feb 6 2019

Tonja is paraphrasing in the article. The exact form of the proposed question is: “Is this person a U.S. Citizen?” There are 4 “Yes” answers (3 different “born a citizen” options based on where born, 1 for naturalization which requires year of naturalization) and “No, this person is not a citizen.” Read more

Jan 26 2019

I do believe that this is the most judgmental recipe I’ve ever read. Read more

Nov 30 2018

I completely agree. It fits in with our society’s broad (and pernicious) tendency to downplay very serious crimes as “domestic matters.” As if committing a crime against an intimate partner was somehow less serious than committing a crime against a stranger.