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Jun 15 2015

The Cavs have been outscored by 13 points in the 22 minutes he’s sat, and by 22 points in the 228 minutes he’s played. On a per-48 basis, that’s losing by 5 when he plays and 28 when he doesn’t.

May 7 2015

Scouting reports list Steward Butler as serviceable.

Apr 22 2015

The great Bernie Williams had retired. We will all remember where we were the day we heard the news. The Bern, Big Bernie, Sweet Potato Pie, had finally hung up his cleats. Read more

Feb 23 2015

Well, Tom, if you can think of a better term to describe songs from The Sound Of Music, I'd sure like to hear it.

Jan 28 2015

I have like 40 replies from people who are saying it is not good satire because it was not outlandish enough for them to immediately recognize it as not real. Those are the true heroes.

Jan 26 2015

I don't get it. Should his "return to the mean" not be talked about? It was a bummer to watch slow, earthbound LeBron struggle at both ends, and it's now fun to watch world-destroyer LeBron do his thing. That's, like, why there are sports blogs, to talk about and read about exactly that sort of thing.

Jan 16 2015

BREWERS GM: Honestly, it's a great story for this organization. When we found him for the first time, he was just this scrappy little guy - lots of heart, but he could barely fetch a ball - but after we gave him his shots, he really came back to life and became a huge part of the Brewers organization. We can't wait to Read more

Nov 6 2014

Foxtrot is a fantastic album, Rob. Watcher of the Skies is easily one of my 10 favorite songs.

Sep 26 2014

I agree, he's a slam-dunk. But I feel like there was some backlash against him in recent years, and I've seen a few articles suggesting he was very good but not quite as great as we thought.