Yesterday 5:30PM

It’s subliminal though. We might think we’re immune but when it’s around us all the time it seeps in since we can’t consciously attend to everything constantly.

Yesterday 4:50PM

It doesn’t take much to make someone a new car-only person. Buying one used lemon, or one brand new car that ran perfectly and lasted forever.
Both happened to my wife. She had a piece of shit Saturn, sold it and bought a brand new Honda Fit. It lasted forever and now she only wants new Hondas.
Meanwhile I’m over here Read more

Yesterday 1:49PM

Wldcard: buying an ICE car now isn’t the best move. When you sell in 5 years, you’ll be faced with a brand new ICE depreciation curve we never experienced before... That of an older technology which fewer and fewer people will want.

Yesterday 1:15PM

You’re right. It’s too new for an automated appraisal (I put my 2021 GX in there and got the same thing). But you can request an manual appraisal, within 3 to 5 days. Just call the number it gives you. Read more

Yesterday 12:36PM

I had a friend who actually bought a Mirage - I tried to talk her out of it, but she only drives maybe five miles a day at most and to her, the 10-year/100,000 mile warranty was the most important thing. “If it breaks, I can get it fixed for free. I can’t do that with used. And It’ll be paid off before the warranty Read more

Yesterday 12:31PM

Depending on the car, the financing and the service covered under warranty, it can legitimately be cheaper in terms of total economic cost to buy new.

Yesterday 12:20PM

I think he just means anyone who can avoid buying a car right now, should. Most people can keep their current car until things calm down. 

Yesterday 12:06PM

Hyundai still has a ton of Kona EVs in stock and is offering $3,000 off of them if you use their financing. Same $7500 credit.

Yesterday 11:55AM

I just got a great deal on a 21 Nissan Leaf. $7500 rebate and got a higher than expected trade-in value for my 2015 Leaf. I know that this is not a car that is popular among readers here, but for those looking for a basic commuter electric the Leaf, and the Bolt, are good deals despite the market conditions.

Yesterday 10:56AM

Don’t give these bastards an inch.  If they can get a foot through the door and blast social media with their PR, it’s going to take that much longer to dislodge them and their influence.   

Yesterday 9:10AM

Perez taming the cursed Red Bull #2 seat has quietly been one of the best storylines of the season. If Baku is any indicator, Checo is a lot better at picking up Max’s slack on a bad day than Bottas is with Hamilton.

Yesterday 9:10AM

I feel like Aston Martin see themselves as a future championship competitor or at least top 3 or top 4 team though. That’s not really compatible with being a junior team for Merc.

Yesterday 8:57AM

A deal would definitely make sense, but it’s more likely that they’ll become a true partner to Alpine. A customer deal wouldn’t really gain Williams anything. Renault’s shady dealings with previous customers have made teams reluctant of getting into a supply-deal with them; it’s no coincidence that they don’t have Read more

Yesterday 3:37AM

THIS.  I can’t believe (it’s Brownell, so actually, yeah... I can believe it) that this wasn’t touched on at all in the article.  Nothing about Russell being a Merc Jr. driver, OR, the fact that Toto Wolff is his manager.  

Monday 9:00PM

I think if mercedes doesn’t give him a ride, only red bull remains of the top teams. I doubt they will drop Checo though. He seems to be getting up to speed in the red bull. Checo and the team seem to be getting to grips on how to drive/setup the car for him. Max is currently the ultimate speed at red bull and Checo Read more