Thursday 12:38PM

Bragging about the amount of money you make isn’t the flex you think it is. It makes you appear to be 14 years old and shallow.

Just a thought.

Thursday 12:33PM

If you have been granted the power of the state to enforce violence, this is the minimum requirement.

Otherwise the state loses its justification for enacting said violence.

Thursday 12:21PM

Steroids. Rage training. ‘Othering’ civilians. God-complex.

Defund, then rebuild. It’s broken to its bones.

Tuesday 4:28PM

This is probably the best summary here in the comments. Thanks.

6/02/21 11:29PM

Or, you know, “workers of the world unite..” and all that.

One wouldn’t wish the same misery on others in one’s same shoes, after all. That would be cruel.

5/31/21 5:19PM

How many folks do a monthly 10hr drive to see their grandparents?

It’s okay if you’re not the target audience for EVs. Nobody forces you to. It’s not the car for you. Chill.

For the driving needs of 90% of folks, an EV fills them.

5/27/21 5:02PM

It always amazes me how cheap our politicians are to buy. Spend half a million in lobbying and you get a 10 billion contract..

5/27/21 3:45PM

Oh, a conservative true to the meaning of the word, not the party that calls itself that (while being anything but).

I like this.

5/27/21 3:43PM

Depending on what mortgage rate they have, extra payments may not make much sense.

5/27/21 3:14PM

I’d suggest these:

BMW 128 with a manual, can be had all day long for under 15k.

Golf GTI with a manual.

Mazda Speed 3 with a manual.

5/27/21 2:09PM

It’s much more shortsighted to ignore climate change and delay the huge issues we need to tackle to avoid horrific and (yes!) costly outcomes down the line:

relocation of 100 of millions of people due to rising sea levels, more extreme weather making other parts of the world uninhabitable, thus even more climate Read more

5/24/21 7:32PM

“because it is endemically, fundamentally political.

Thank you.

5/19/21 7:36PM

Also, its profits could go into the common good coffer (since it’s stuff that’s extracted from the country/soil).

5/19/21 5:40PM

Not just ad revenue, testing the cult worship devotion through random lies at random intervals is just good cult-organizing.

5/19/21 5:36PM

There is a lot of money to be made in this conspiracy-grifter-verse.

So, those coming up with this shit are doing it for mostly financial reasons.