Mar 27 2019

She represents Clinton County, a backwater of 40,000 total residents. Confederate flags found decorating homes, 98% white, and her actions are an embarrassment to anyone with a drop of respect for others.

Mar 21 2019

This is Frankie in his Frankenstein hat . . . well - it won’t let either of us upload tonight . . .

Feb 21 2019

Hi Jonee, Mrs Keitelblacksmith here again. I have another for you, Amen Dunes, LP is Freedom, songs Miki Dora, Time, and Dracula:

Jan 3 2019

Thank you for that, a sweet sound to start my day!

Nov 2 2018

What a thoughtful and accurate synopsis. As a fellow Lancastrian Leftie, I hang with the NPO/artsy crowd, comprised of persons of all ages, colors, and gender orientations. Maybe I’ll see you at Tellus one night.

Nov 1 2018

I know Amanda and Michael. They are smart, kind people who volunteer their time energy throughout the city. Any negative inference you may have regarding the police-caller is spot-on. Any good takeaways you have about Amanda and Mike are probably understated. We hold them in the highest esteem.

Sep 28 2018

Thank you for being a safe space for your women friends. Women, especially those my age, remained and remain silent, because we are humiliated and tend to shoulder the shame and take the blame. I am beyond proud of the those who will speak out, and in some cases blow up their lives to make a point. “Where were you?” - Read more

Sep 27 2018

I do not know a single woman who has not experienced some form of male sexual aggression. I’ll turn 60 in January, but still remember incidents that happened when I was 14, and 16, and 17, and 22, and 30, and 35 . . . Some were humiliating innuendos, some were actual assaults, some were in high school and college, Read more

Jul 31 2018

Cambria County has less than 140,000 residents, over 694 square miles. Sparsely populated, few pediatric options. A perfect place for a predator.

May 24 2018

This show - which dresses all guys with tummies in open-front shirts with tee-shirt layers - is responsible for convincing my husband to adopt the look. He is a big bear of a man who loves norm core, and this slight updating of his style looks great on him. Thank you, queereye!

Mar 28 2018

I really have the itch to flip the spring/summer clothes to the front of the closet,move fall/winter to the back, and donate anything not worn in two years. Husband says not yet - “you will be freezing, wait for another two or three weeks.” Pennsylvania weather is cruel.

Feb 14 2018

You can purchase an entire regime for less than one cream from other brands. They are now carried at Sephora. Since I started using them (dry skin, adult acne, in my late 50's) my skin is firmer and clear. Just last night my husband remarked on how great it looked with no make up. I cannot give the ordinary enough Read more

Oct 9 2017

I came to the genre very late - in my 50's. Romances are the chocolate bonbons, the buttered popcorn, the sparkly cocktail of literature. Especially in this time of horrible politics, inhumanity, and disaster, we all could use a little escapist literature with an HEA.

Sep 30 2017

I came here to say this- thank you! Also, most mules are impossible to wear for actual living. But then I wear a whole lot of Toms or toe-ring sandals, and yup, I am an old.