El Guapo
4/28/21 4:18PM

Regarding your last point, the anime doesn’t sell the games. The anime and the games are both there to sell plushies and shirts. The real money is in moychendising.  Pokemon the lunchbox!  Pokemon the action figure!  Pokemon the flamethrower!

2/13/21 12:51AM

“which he attended, at least in part, on a scholarship he received for his performance on his high school Quiz Bowl team.” Read more

2/12/21 3:03PM

They don’t even understand what their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, was all about. Do we really not expect them to screw up interpreting Sci-Fi as well?

2/10/21 12:21AM

Vampires gonna buy the hell out of that wine.

1/11/21 6:39PM

Chris Person still does new ones on Youtube! Quality is just as good as it was.

1/11/21 5:13AM

Phoebe Dynevor, who plays Daphne Bridgerton”

>Adds new row to the “Phoebes with Bridges” spreadsheet.

12/13/20 2:33PM

I really, really didn’t see it as product placement...like at all. 

12/03/20 8:39PM

It's not your money and she can do whatever she would like with it. Mind your own business and don't be an asshole. Oh noes she wants to spend it on her kids? 

12/03/20 2:08PM

I have no idea what’s going on here. The restaurant claims the tip wouldn’t go through cause the credit card company flagged it as fraud (not surprising). They tried to get the guy to come back and pay the tip a different way and he wouldn’t. Supposedly the customer tried to get the credit card company to authorize it Read more

11/20/20 2:43AM

I roll my eyes, when I load up Kotuku and there’s another political activist article, thinly veiled as video game journalism. I’ve watched in horror as Kotaku has developed a pattern of publishing articles that are less informative pieces and more hateful political rantings, likening more toward your average Facebook Read more

11/19/20 7:16PM

“I lived them, it wasn’t so bad” - probably because you’re the exact type of person Reagan and his administration liked - a white, straight, neurotypical , middle class American man. I know it’s the big scary no-no word these days, but y’know what that’s called? Privilege. It’s best you start recognizing you lived a Read more

11/08/20 10:59AM

Just wanted to point out that while his characterizations of his neighbors may or may not be true, the town where he lives is actually a really great place with a long history of liberal, progressive activism. Chappelle talks about it at length and with a great deal of affection in the latest season of David Read more

10/05/20 4:05PM

We can only hope. Best plan all around is for him to linger until the election is over, then be so incapacitated that he can’t speak or move around. I always have a picture of Joe Kennedy in mind when I think of Trump languishing in a wheelchair.

10/05/20 3:58PM

It’s a cult. They can’t think logically where he is concerned. My neighborhood forbids lawn signs except during the 30 days before an election. A bunch of Trump signs appeared like clockwork on Oct 3rd. Now I know the houses to avoid at all costs if we ever have an emergency.