El Guapo
1/18/21 11:34PM

Reid, your third sentence has EIGHT commas.

12/06/20 12:40PM

I gotta say, the Worst of the night was the Megan’s Period Destroys A House reboot. Read more

11/21/20 12:18PM

You packed a whole lotta stupid in a small post, but typing "I do not believe they went political" about a game with RONALD FUCKING REAGAN was an extra-special touch 

11/20/20 8:47AM

Shout-out to all the Moms out there, I guess?

9/30/20 4:56PM

Thank you both for writing this post, because *I* feel like I took the crazy pills when people reference this era of SNL as funny, Ferrell included. Read more

7/22/20 4:06PM

If she was an IG influencer, she wouldn’t be wearing a mask that hid her identity. Her IG handle would be Sharpied on the small of her back.

4/14/20 11:42AM

Ex. Fucking. Zactly. Hell, there’s a interview IN THE SHOW where a guy said the husband was trying to pull something big off right before he left. Let alone the complete non-fact Joe Exotic tosses in there that “tiger stomachs can completely digest bones all the way!” Read more

4/03/20 9:59AM

Carole’s ex-husband was a douchebag jerk who flew to Costa Rica every month to cheat on her. It’s stated on-camera that he had money buried all over. It’s stated on-camera that he asked someone if they wanted to go to Costa Rica with him. It’s stated on-camera that right before he disappeared, he said (paraphrased) Read more

4/02/20 8:42PM

Same, and I can confirm. The guy’s great.

3/01/20 11:48AM

Is Melissa still on this show anymore? Actual serious question after yet another complete no-show.