Politicians don’t want to lose voting capital by criticizing Israel? Fucked up, but expected. Newspapers don’t want to lose readership for telling the truth in a straightforward manner? End times.

Yeah, that’s exactly it, and I really didn’t appreciate the performative “I jumped through hoops to accommodate you” speel. It’s super uncomfortable for me, who insisted at every gathering that I would bring my own food only to be argued out of it. I get it: you want to take care of all your guests. But I don’t want Read more

Well, I really do think it was at least partially the waitstaff’s fault—they didn’t read the table, check in often enough to see if anything was wrong, or own up the kitchen’s obvious mistake. This is the one scenario where I wouldn’t have balked if we were to undertip, but we tipped 20% because that’s just what we do Read more

This. In my vegan days, I never ate the meat or dairy substitute stuff unless someone bought it for me, and that was out of politeness. My favorite cookbook was The Accidental Vegan which (just as it seems) had recipes from dishes that just happened to be vegan. Lots of salads and stirfries and a really good Read more

I said this on another post but this is really bad even for Marchesa. I’m used to not prefering Marchesa’s aesthetic but at least being able to appreciate their craft. But this is just boring, dated, and poorly composed. Did all their talented underlings leave them in a lurch or something?

Oh yeah! I think I’ve met that old lady before, too. Seriously, if your seatmate is amenable to your chattiness, good for you, but you’re probably annoying the rest of the plane! I just wear my headphones onto planes now and I don’t even turn the music on, so that when I sit down it’s clear I’m not going to chat with Read more

Kids are not my bag. They’re often loud and annoying and interacting with them is boring and tedious—something I do out of pure love for my family and friends’ children, but not something that I want to do for a total stranger’s spawn. No amount of precociousness or silliness outweighs their fundamental Read more

The operative phrase here is “if I have to.” In the scenarios described above, I do not—there are empty seats on the plane or free seating in the pub. And I cannot judge whether it’s “worth” it, but I don’t agree that the saltiness is reasonable—do they really want someone sitting next to their child who is Read more

Except they really, really do. Kids are drawn to me like moths to a flame and the analogy is apt because the feeling is not mutual.

Ha! The opposite drives me nuts. My parents are the meal-rushing type, though they try for my sake to linger if it’s just us. It’s usually fairly easy to feel out in the states whether it’s ok to take your time after a meal or whether you should go, and if it’s ok (and it usually is where I’m from), I stay. Ideally, Read more

I occasionally relocate myself on planes and in pubs (if it’s pretty much free-for-all seating) if a child comes and sits next to me. It’s met with a surprising amount of saltiness from the parents. One grandma even loudly complained about how nasty I was with the flight attendant after I switched to an empty seat. Read more

We went out to a highly rated Italian place with my partner’s father and his wife and we agreed to forego wine, get home early (we were exhausted), have our nightcaps there, etc., and watched in horror as everyone around our table was served before us, including a family of nine who came in well after us. They never Read more

I think most people are actually not hard on parents, that’s why there is a sign and a blog post and not an angry restaurant manager confronting bad parents. But bad parents are everywhere, and there’s more and more toddlers in bars and breweries now and parents think it’s okay for them to just...run up to you and Read more

You can return underwear? :( I always just...assumed you could not. I have too much faith in the world.

I was perfectly willing to believe that Tessa and Scott were not an item, but rather two great artists dancing on ice, until someone put a video together of all of their smooches. I’ve watched it twice, and now I am convinced they’re in love.

Speaking of injustices against women, I’m still banned on The Slot and re-Grayed everywhere because of that evil troll Jorni.

Asked about those whose coverage will likely be canceled as a result of the policy, Verma insisted that decreased enrollment would mean only that more people are finding coverage through their employers.

embarrassed by how often the “big time small-time dicks” tag isn’t a metaphor