El Darto
5/03/21 5:41PM

The Mercedes 500SL was the first fuel injected production car, not the first carbureted car sold in the US.

3/06/21 3:43PM

Growing up the Old Man worked for GM. It didn’t matter if it was one of my or my sibs friends, my parents friends, or the Pope. If it wasn’t a GM product, you parked in the street. Weather be damned, that was the rule. Funny thing is that in Detroit our visitors may not have liked it, but there was no complaining. Read more

3/06/21 1:16PM

I understand Bristol is a speedway and needs revenue. But the insanity of trucking in and out the dirt is a complete waste of resources and everything wrong with NASCAR. Read more

2/22/21 1:14PM

I think the fragility of US economy bubble can be seen right there. People who somehow afford to live in houses with granite countertops and yet are barely smart enough to gather and process fact, science, and reason. We’re entering a new dark age, but we should just call it the dumb age.

2/05/21 6:46PM

I’ll stick to my cheap, used, 2wd, V6, beater / stripper Chevy, if it’s all the same. $2,500, and I don’t have to drive a Nissan.

1/05/21 4:10PM

That’s along the lines of what I would do if I could afford it starting from a castle-style (flat wall) Monolithic dome. Not interested in the LC, though—I also value things that are made to last, but they have to be things I want to last.

12/27/20 3:33PM

Plenty of those “But it’s Christmas!” idiots north of the border too.

12/27/20 3:26PM

Americans are morons. You would swear that missing a holiday is equivalent to death.

11/26/20 1:06PM

Those things are cheaply built trash. Putting a bigger engine into a shitty car doesn’t make it a good car, it just makes it a faster shitty car.

10/03/20 5:39PM

Doug suuuuuuuucks. Vote him off the island, and make him swim through the shark-infested waters surrounding it in order to leave.

10/02/20 6:43PM

Reading this write-up and watching the video put me in the same mindframe as my days of watching Top Gear. If they try to relaunch the American version, I propose the cast be David Tracy, Doug Demuro, and Tyler Hoover.

— Getting back to the epic European road trip, when are you planning to hit up Italy? 

9/25/20 6:52PM

And if she turns out to be horrible well... it’s only for life.

6/01/13 3:30PM

Um,...These aren't English words, Bud...