12:06 AM

I watched the original Star Trek on late night reruns with my mom as a very young child. She loved Bones, but I was all about Spock. When I was maybe four or five, my mom let me check out parenting books by Dr. Spock from the library because I thought that if anyone could be an amazing character and actor and still be Read more

6:19 PM

I think Jaime Dornan and Dakota Johnson are probably weeping quietly somewhere. Because now they'll have to make two more of these. Hopefully, they negotiated good contracts.

5:32 PM

I kinda want to know how many picture pendants she made of him. Sounds like more than 2.

4:52 PM

I agree and (also) found this quite sad and even unsettling, ultimately. I mean, I did laugh but it was very shortlived once genuine concern started to kick in.

3:55 PM

As someone who suffers from mental illness i feel uncomfortable that you have diagnosed her over the internet, also if you do think she suffers from mental illness calling her crazy is not okay.

2:21 PM

I'm sure they do recognize you; I was waiting for a bus one morning, and across the road a man was heading toward the feeder in his front yard, and I could see birds converging on his yard when he opened his door and headed out. Read more

11:10 AM

Maybe I'm a weirdo, but I don't mind browning apple slices. I pre-slice them in the am for lunch, and yes they look a little brown. But, they taste the same. It used to bother me until I realized they taste fine. Now I munch on browning apples slices daily. I think we have unrealistic expectations about how food Read more

10:50 AM

I'm guessing that Steven Tyler wrote the post that way because he wanted to link to his daughters on Facebook, but I like to think that he felt he needed to use their full names. In case, y'know, people thought he might be talking about two other people he knows named Liv and Mia.