Dec 15 2016

Just as absurd as a virgin birth, walking on water, multiplying fish and loaves of bread, transubstantiation, and rising from the dead in my opinion. Religions are absurd.

Dec 15 2016

Everything about Scientology terrifies me. The stories on Leah Remini’s show are incredibly horrifying and sad.

Dec 10 2016

He’s picking people to dismantle the things they head up. It’s so obviously intentional at this point. Russia wants to weaken the US, and they won their puppet presidency so it’s going to happen.

Dec 7 2016

Good thing we didn’t elect the candidate who engages in “pay-for-play”.

Dec 2 2016

My partner is convinced that all his claims of rigged elections during the campaign were a ruse to get Hillary Clinton to agree to accept the results, because he knew that the election was being rigged in his own favor somehow. Read more

Nov 29 2016

i dunno... doesnt this fall under free speech? i dont see anyone sueing over all the such and such is an alien videos or all the other wierd as hell tinfoil conspiracies.. Read more

Nov 29 2016

Yeah holy fuck this woman is pure evil. Fuck her.

Nov 29 2016

“Sorry Barron, it sucks to be scrutinized for every little thing because your parent decided to run for President. But hey, at least you won’t have anyone on the left calling you the First Dog” Read more

Nov 29 2016

I find it less interesting, if only because, by the 6th century, the Eastern Roman/Byzantine Empire would have been firmly Christian—and thus prone to the same kind of “slut shaming libel” our culture still loves to engage in (the more things change...). Read more

Nov 29 2016

wow, (alleged) triple penetration for Theo, and (allegedly) wishing she had boob holes for quintuple penetration. Nice. Stay classy, Procopious

Nov 29 2016

I love reading old reminders that our ancestors were just as horny as we are. Recently I learned about the Secret History by Procopious, which was written in the 6th century and is full of some outrageous slander about Theodora, Emperor Justinian’s wife. He basically writes a whole thing about how much of a slut she Read more