12/12/16 10:56PM

I’m perplexed by the fact that so many people want to uphold the law in spite of the fact that we’re in the middle of a fucking coup.

11/30/16 11:27PM

I work for a Federal agency that falls under DHS. If Clarke actually becomes Secretary, I will resign. I will not work under or be associated with that slime. It will be hard enough to continue my career under a Trump Administration. It is sickening all around.

11/15/16 8:18PM

Coincidentally, I’m watching old episodes of “Mr. Show,” and guess who just popped up in a cameo?

11/15/16 7:25PM

I had the distinct displeasure of hearing Rudy speak at a DHS conference on the 10th anniversary of 9/11. Despite the expected self-congratulatory tirade, what really surprised me was that he didn’t mention the FDNY or NYPD once. Not one time. It was as if he and only he existed on that day. Talk about revisionist Read more

11/13/16 10:00AM

That’s good advice. Thank you. I guess I just figured that would be the best option since I hear of so many people who take it.

11/12/16 8:20PM

Ladies, I need input. I live in Northern Virginia outside of DC, and rather than drowning my anxiety in Nutella, I’d really like a prescription for Xanax. Right now I only have a Gynecologist for the birth control script, I doubt he’d issue me that kind of prescription. So, my question is, what’s the most efficient, Read more

11/12/16 6:39PM

Yeah, not to cast doubt on the amount of unabashed hatred coming from Trump supporters, but the article says she’s a high school teacher, and that letter looks like it was drawn by a 6 year old? Was that intentional?

11/12/16 4:42PM

It’s mainly from those who are in law enforcement. It’s the same drivel you’re hearing everywhere else: they think America has become pussified and blacks have gotten “out of control.” It’s hard not to vomit on a regular basis. If I didn’t desperately need an income, I’d simply walk out.

11/12/16 4:39PM

It’s going to be a chaotic first few months. I know at least a handful of DSS guys who are ecstatic. As a woman working in security, I’ve never felt more alone.

11/11/16 7:52PM

Every time I hear someone still using the phrase “Crooked Hillary” and I think about how many lawsuits this slug is involved in, blood starts shooting out of my nose.

11/11/16 7:37PM

It’s a message to the disenfranchised and those about to be targeted even more that they are “safe” in our presence.

11/11/16 7:31PM

Same. I’m a Federal employee and I had to make up an excuse to call in sick for two days. For the first day I stayed in bed and couldn’t even bring myself to shower. Now I find myself seriously reconsidering my career path because I refuse to be around these other Officers and Agents who are downright gleeful that he Read more