No more avocados
Feb 20

You have one pictured you didn’t mention - black olives! And smoked oysters. 

Feb 19

Just wanted to say that this was excellently written, and I am adding it to my list of all-time favorite Takeout articles.

Feb 4

I was confused by the whole thing. Separate priceless menus exist? For real? And restaurants go through all the effort and expense of printing them up just to give to women? Who I assume then ask for a normal menu, with the prices? Why would this ever be a thing? Read more

Feb 4

I read this yesterday. I’ve experienced some of these things regularly. It’s a shame too many establishments don’t see women as people - with money - big mistake. HUGE.

Dec 18

This doesn’t strike me as him being selfish, but rather beyond frustrated and hopeless. He WAS there for her. For 2 years he stood with her and tried to make the charges stick. He worked with the system and the system ignored his daughter. It went so far that the school basically accused her of making it up Read more

Dec 6

Why wear suits 2 sizes too big or ties 4 inches too long? The man didn’t even know how to properly wear a waistcoat when he met the Queen. The oversized suits “make him look slimmer” and the ties “taller.” I’m sure he believes the orange makes him look healthier. There is literally no rationale to this man’s behavior. Read more

Dec 5

I know too many people who debate like this. Talk over you, shout, try to pin you down on answers that make you look not credible (even when you are), use simplistic logic that’s difficult to argue against (logic that doesn’t really apply, if context and nuance are taken into account, or logic that is a false Read more

Nov 30

My vote is “that’s bullshit.” If her boyfriend actually was pissed, he needs to grow the fuck up. (Assuming you’re really really 100% just friends with this person, with no romantic interest on either side.) If she thinks this is a perfectly reasonable response from her bf and sufficient reason not to go ... well, Read more

Nov 30

Thank effing God Thanksgiving is over! My mean family gets turbo charged with negative holiday energy and always makes me feel unwanted and terrible about myself. Better thought: The Bartender and I are back from two weeks in Panama, and we definitely are planning on moving there early next year. We were all over Read more

Nov 30

Weekly Achievement/Do-Gooder Thread! What have you done lately that you are particularly proud of, or how have you made someone’s life better? Spill here so we can celebrate you!