Early Discloser
11:40 AM

Nothing against Columbo, just the general blah-ness of cinematography in ‘80s American TV drama. It had remained unchanged since the early ‘70s. 

4:47 PM

Seriously. Hillary Clinton needs to go away and never be heard from again. The last person on earth I want to hear from right now is the petty has-been who managed to lose to the senile reality-show doofus who’s currently being impeached. Accept your part in turning the United States into an international Read more

2:07 PM

I said something similar months ago and got hammered! Nice to see it's catching on finally lol

12:54 PM

Would it kill her to accept an ounce of blame for running a piss-poor campaign and condemning us all to 4-8 years of Trump? Fuck her and the corporate funded jet she flew in on. She’s was and is part of the problem and the best thing she can do to be part of the solution is to go get lost in the woods again.
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4:07 PM

Why is it that no writer at any point was ever willing to just commit to Kylo being a villain? He’s a wretched little rat bastard, he doesn’t need redemption just because his grandad did. Just let him be evil!

8:58 PM

Worse things happen, Germain. Just for me personally, I still think the first season of the Battlestar Galactica remake is the best season of TV ever made. I also think overall, it’s the single worst TV show I’ve ever seen. Read more

8:34 PM

I felt the same way about The Last Jedi, but the consensus was that that made me a bad person. Why is it okay to not like Rise of Skywalker (which I did, actually, enjoy), and not okay to not like Last Jedi?

8:48 PM

Boba Fett is more of a Western/Samurai archetype than an actual character. He’s not really under written as he is a silent bad ass who is there to look and act like a bad ass. People got frustrated with the way his character gets “wasted” in Jedi mainly because of the cool shit they expected him to do because of how Read more

7:27 PM

And they all seem more or less okay with that. I know that in terms of the story, a lot of people died. Go compare the final act of Empire, where our heroes are that their lowest to the final act of TLJ, a movie that should have ended without the salt planet battle. Read more

5:42 PM

Personally, I think Rose was written as a plot device more than a character. She exists to be Finn’s travel companion/guide through an ultimately pointless diversion that functions mainly as a hamfisted attempt at satirical allegory only to be shoehorned into being his romantic suitor at the end. Read more

7:28 PM

If ILM did the space battle scenes, why couldn’t they throw a few Star Trek ships in there? After all, they did the effects work for The Next Generation TV show and Star Trek: First Contact. Read more

1:24 PM

There is a new type of USB cable out now? There are so many MIcro-USB connectors in my neck of the woods I thought that was the standard connector.  Good luck tilting at windmills.