Jun 3

Came for the explanation, starred for the Snow Crash reference.

Aug 5 2019

The world’s best sandwich shop, All’Antico Vinaio in Florence (not hyperbole, look it up. My wife added Florence to our last Europe trip itinerary just so she could share this place with me), has a sign on the wall, in English, that simply says “pesto is not a sandwich filling”.

May 23 2019

Reminds me of the Maybach Exelero, another one-off pre-GFC car nerd thirst trap. Love it, but mostly because it reminded me of the Anton Furst Batmobile (that’s the Keaton/Burton one, for all the normal people who don’t obsess over Batmobiles).

Feb 13 2019

Always “Concorde”. Not “a Concorde”, or “the Concorde”. Just “Concorde”.

Jan 30 2018

Not sure about power off the top of my head, but yeah, it was just for us and our odd tax system that meant 2 litre and below got some sort of credit or lower rego costs or something. For that reason we were the only country outside of Italy that you could get a Ferrari 208 (a 308 with some sort of lawnmower engine Read more

Jan 23 2018

I’m a Kiwi, and we have been getting ex JDM cars here since the early 90s. My former step-dad imported them when I was a kid in the mid 90s (still does), so we got all sorts of weird JDM stuff (for example my mother was daily driving an S-cargo for a couple of weeks, during which time we also had both a Nissan Gloria Read more

Jan 16 2018

As the owner of a red BMW (E30) and a wagon (Accord Euro CU2), I fully approve of your car choice. #wagonlyfe

Jan 16 2018

I’m out. As my alias suggests I’ve been a Ferrari nerd/fanboy since I was a kid, but part of that was to do with their commitment to only making sports cars, GTs and supercars. Read more

Oct 18 2017

Yup, beat you to it by roughly 5 years. Kinja game is on point!

Nov 28 2016

Sysadmin here. I suspect they mean most of the servers were running Windows 2000. This would also explain how they were able to compromise them so easily.

Nov 20 2016

In New Zealand we call them Jandals. And because we are bound by tradition to always argue with Australians, they are blue and gray.

Sep 21 2016

Hate to break it to you, but that’s not an American car.

Sep 12 2016

My mate nearly got away with naming his daughter Savanna, until his dad gave the game away: “What, like an RX-3?”. Also rejected were Efini, Silvia and Laurel. Good thing too, she really suits “Cosmo”.

Mar 29 2016

Only a matter of time now till the M3 pulls everything else up with it. With that in mind, I have a 1987 325i for sale. $78,000 o.n.o. Its the poor man’s M3. But not too poor. No tyre kickers or test pilots.

Feb 18 2016

Indeed. Bought my 87 325i coupe a year ago for NZD$7,800. The son of the guy I bought it from offered me $9k last week. And I’ve put 25,000km on it since he last saw it! Love it. Meanwhile the MX-5 I sold 4 years ago just sold again for less. Too common to appreciate just yet.

Oct 6 2015

I daily drive an 1987 E30 325i. Its the only car my partner and I have, and when we decided to make the switch from a reliable, low cost Mazda3 we planned for significantly higher upkeep costs. Every paycheck a set amount goes into the “keep awesome old car alive” account.