Oct 5

Once Tesla hears that you didn’t pay for the optional convertible package, you’ll be getting a bill in the mail.  

Jul 28

Seriously, how many of us are reading this at work and can’t take 5-10 minutes to watch a video? I almost exclusively read this site while I am at work.

Jun 3

If you want more five-dollar technical words for this phenomenon: flow detachment causes a rear vacuum, and the effect is massive for a brick-shaped truck at highway speeds. The activity in the picture below is also happening, mirrored upside-down, off the underbody of the truck, creating a nice scoop-type air current

May 29 2019

These aren’t mutually exclusive, you judgmental ass. And i was trying to generate a bit of dark humor, but since that was obviously lost on you, let’s examine, shall we? Read more

May 24 2019

This looks exactly like the weirdo cars I drew when I was a kid. Okay probably less weird.

Feb 13 2019

I came here to say this very thing. Concorde is a proper noun, like a person’s name, and so it is improper to precede it with “the”. This same nomenclature also applies to ships’ names. Next time you watch James Cameron’s famous work, notice that the characters properly refer to the ship as “Titanic”. 

Jun 15 2018

No, but not many BMWs do. That said, it is still only the 3rd best best looking GT coupe BMW produced behind the E9 (the best looking BMW ever) and the E24 635CSi or M6.

Jun 13 2018

The problem is that when you say “stop talking about them being women” it is easier for the majority (in this case, men in the auto industry or men in business) to say “women aren’t doing things that are awesome, see you never hear about it at all, I’m going to hire this guy because guys no what they are doing.” Read more

Feb 21 2018

Some of us always wanted to be a lumberjack. You know. Leaping from tree to tree as they float down the mighty rivers of British Columbia. The giant redwood. The larch. The fir. The mighty scots pine! Just sleep all night, and work all day. Read more