Dwight D Schrutenhower
1/13/21 1:08PM

Yeah, but Jez staffers have the hots for Harry. It makes a difference in their reportage.

11/17/20 7:12PM

I know you’re joking but in the before times I had an email forwarded to me (in sincerity) by a relative that basically said what you just said, but with less logic to back it up. Read more

11/17/20 7:10PM

I’m looking up ad rates for Fox News DC to see if I can buy an ad for Saul Goodman during Tucker Carlson.

11/17/20 7:03PM

Looks like Grassley has the ‘rona. Can’t say I’m not surprised or unhappy to get the news.

11/17/20 5:54PM

What’s the deal with Wolf Blitzer? He’s not a wolf, and he doesn’t blitz!

11/17/20 5:19PM

Back in the 90s, when I was but a wee Deadpan, I was watching the post-dinner Cowboys game with my father’s side of the family. It was a rare snow game, vs. Miami if memory serves. During a Dolphins field goal attempt, the kicker slipped and fell. When I recreated it, my pantomime for a huge laugh, so I did it again. Read more

11/17/20 5:16PM

One time my cousin and I were having a staring contest. I had a stuffy nose at the time and thought I had the real advantage here. What I didn’t expect was the pressure built up from stifling my laughter would explode into a snot bubble the size of a baseball, effectively destroying the appetite of everyone at the Read more

11/17/20 4:03PM

The lack of contrast between the color of his skin and the armor is really off-putting. And the monochrome of it all in general. Bad design.

11/17/20 3:55PM

It’s like if you tried to add a bevel effect in Photoshop but turned the dial too high until *all* of the edges were affected.

11/17/20 3:28PM

Please, this won’t be as bad as the original version. It’s going to be infinitely worse. The Justice League was a disjointed mess, that was clearly made by two different directors, but there were actually parts in it that were fun. This is just going to be more of Zack Snyder’s usual, self-serious, teenage edgelord Read more

11/17/20 2:32PM

Look, as a parent I can tell you that my kids love
A: 3 minute long ads online
B: Black and White films
C: 4:3 aspect ratio
D: Leonard Cohen

This is gonna be a SMASH!!!
Should I be worried that my 7 year old son just started wearing a Trilby after watching this?

11/17/20 2:23PM

He’s trolling us with that trailer right? It’s like Scorsese releasing a teaser that’s just random footage of Italian American men smoking and driving around set to “Gimme Shelter”.

11/17/20 1:51PM

Or Kentucky; Moscow Mitch would have had to get a really high portion of republican voters out and also a really low democrat turnout to get the numbers he did to win.  Would be pretty hilarious if their screams to get vote fraud investigated turned out some shenanigans by the GOP.

11/17/20 12:45PM

I wrote that in response to a Facebook friend (I have since deleted). She posted something that essentially said, get with living or get with dying. And I pointed out, many people assume that they will be among those that live and few assume that they will die, which is so arrogant. Read more

11/17/20 11:53AM

He’s a creep. The things he did to Megan Fox are practically criminal.  Sure, she’s not Meryl Streep, but nobody deserves to be treated like he treated her.

11/16/20 5:26PM

Sorry, we’re gonna throw down about pumpkin pie and sugar cookies. The day after Thanksgiving, Pie For Breakfast Day, is sacred on my calendar, and my husband’s mom makes fantastic sugar cookies. Utterly delicious. Read more