Dwight D Schrutenhower
11/17/20 5:08PM

I haven’t read either essay, nor do I plan on it, but being too full to fuck is a thing, and I have definitely asked myself many times if dessert is worth missing out on sex.

11/17/20 4:38PM

I am so detached from raising kids at this point, I believed your Point A for a sec. “I’ll never understand these youths and their love of 3 minute long ads.”

11/17/20 1:16PM

Related: I ordered Chipotle online before leaving work yesterday, and when I got to the store for pick-up, the doors were locked and there were a couple of people outside. A stranger explained that somebody comes out every so often to check for online orders. I understand and wait over by the side. Read more

11/17/20 12:06PM

Why a COVID thriller of all things? I wouldn’t spend $20 to watch a Bay produced or directed film regardless, but why not try distracting people from real-world misery? Give us TMNT vs. Ouija or The Purge: Planet Cybertron or something else ludicrous.

11/17/20 11:25AM

The sad thing she did mention that the only folks who had anything to fear from it were people like her, so she is at least on a basic level aware of that fact. She just doesn’t care.

11/16/20 7:18PM

I saw my mom last week for the first time in about nine months. The visit started pleasant, but when I referenced that I would visit her more often once the plague dies down, she went on an anti-COVID rant. “You know, Dwight, only fatal for .o125 percent [or whatever figure she pulled out of Fox News].” Read more

11/16/20 5:00PM

Dairy Queen’s one positive trait is their blizzards. It’s odd to see it as a state’s favorite fast food place.

11/16/20 4:01PM

I’m with you, personally, but when I am presenting the cheesecake to a group, it feels like a nice flex to unveil a “perfectly” cooked cheesecake.

11/16/20 2:08PM

This is a great candidate for a remake. It has some nostalgic value, some name recognition, but fans aren’t so fervent that the reboot couldn’t stray away and do some things different. Read more

11/16/20 11:29AM

I liked Bernthal’s Punisher a lot. He was great in Daredevil S2 and Punisher S1 (Punisher S2 was hit and miss, imo). So, I am certainly happy he’s game to pick the mantle back up, but I doubt that’ll happen. Read more

11/16/20 11:23AM

I am not sure what to make of the Rick and Morty news. On one hand, I like that we have confirmed additional seasons as my life is empty and I need to fill that void with something. Read more