The Akira one isn’t an April Fools joke, they actually are making a new EX game, the joke was apparently that everyone would think it’s a joke....it’s weird but they actually have streamed gameplay.

Well all the romance scenes suck in this game, it’s a shame really. You would think that the way the game has made itself so different from the others, would be reflected in all aspects not just the bad ones. Sad days.

Didn’t band of the hawk come out 2 weeks ago?

TF? what is with all the smash players acting like predators all the time? They play a party game, youd think they would act decent enough

Poverty squad in the building. We here for MAHVEL. Smash has two slots in a FIGHTING game tournament, so let a real fighter get played. I don’t hate on pokken because at least that’s designed to be more of a competitive fighting game, but smash can suck it.

I think Cup Noodle is an appropriate prize for a people playing a party game like its a real fighting game.

Is this only article about capcom cup??? If so that’s kinda hilarious. It was an awesome tournament though.

Points for the community reference

I like it tons right now! I play a skellige rebirth deck with healers, cerys, queens guard, and those soldiers that increase health when played from graveyard. It basically eliminates board politics, just play everything and then just revive it stronger next game. I typically push hard round one then revive round two Read more

I love seeing FGC coverage on Kotaku! There are a lot of big tournaments with really hype moments and I think it’s great to see those guys and gals getting covered. Don’t forget about the So Cal Regionals tonight too!

There are actually a lot of high level Guile players! He is really really good on a competitive level because he is basically a wall and has good responses. If you think he is good with guile, you should watch Knuckledu. He is hands down the US best Guile

When it comes to things people are more serious about, like big sports or call of duty, or something like that I get what you are saying. Being a longtime wrestling fan, in game and on tv, I love the campy glitches and shenanigans, I mean wrestling is campy by itself so the glitches make it more endearing, but this is Read more

Shouldn’t she have said, you know you are doing something WRONG when a tv monolith is trying to hand you Ls? Because realistically she is associating herself with their IP in multiple ways. I honestly don’t know anything about this situation (I clicked because Futurama), but I feel like someone had to have said Read more

The Playstation $ is actually the new name for the PS4 after PSplus got a price hike

So if you scroll up and see the quote from her about stay in your place black man, that’s essential what you just said. “...so she has the right to wave the rainbow flag...”. I am an Army vet and I feel deeply about the people who lost their lives and who i fought with and yet, here I sit a black guy who can Read more

I know its because the game has a lot and I mean a lot of publicity, but isn’t this a common thing? I know that in tons of games deity/gods are represented in different forms but I don’t really ever think that its a disrespectful thing. I mean look at Smite, gods/deities/heroes from all over the world that are taking Read more