Feb 21 2017

You expect accuracy in hype based game journalism?

Jan 31 2017

All the melee clingers would get upset. Seriously, that community is enthusiastic to a fault.

Jan 31 2017

They should have made the two Smash games fight each for a spot instead, and let all the others fight for the 9th spot. IMO there shouldn’t be two almost completely similar versions of a game series in a tournament.

Dec 20 2016

In Cleveland you have to be the first to find and administer a life-saving shot of adrenaline directly to the heart of an overdosed Brownie the Elf somewhere in the Flats to win tickets.

Dec 20 2016

Thank god. For a while there I thought I was being racist for thinking all the winners looked alike.

Dec 20 2016

Haven’t seen someone spend this much time running around Philadelphia with inevitable disappointment on the horizon since Hillary Clinton.

Dec 20 2016

LowTierGod will finally get a taste of his own medicine!!

Dec 19 2016

As Cary mentioned below, this was mostly about Street Fighter V in 2016, but I totally agree with your point about season two. Big mistake on Capcom’s part.

Dec 19 2016

“Rollercoaster” year might be the wrong term. It implies it actually went up at some point.

Dec 14 2016

The only thing I hate about this highlight intro is that Widow never gets highlights.

Dec 14 2016

Between this and Mercy’s “My servants never die” line, I wonder who the sub is on the OW dev team.

Dec 14 2016

Who knew there were so many betas playing Overwatch...oh wait, Blizzard did.

Dec 4 2016

Rivera was going to send an email to Adam Schefter announcing the punishment, but he couldn’t find his laptop.

Dec 2 2016

Welp, I’ll do my part. Never thought I’d be subscribing to PewDiePie, but it’s for a good cause.