5/27/20 10:33AM

Sorry, Amy. Someone’s got to take the hit for the team. Coz now what we have is an opportunity to raise an admonishing finger and say, “Ah, ah, ah! Remember Amy from the Ramble*? You may want to rethink this, Karen.” when faced with such a moment in our lives. Read more

3/24/20 11:37AM

Amen - there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the Bell-Shepards owning some apartments. In fact, as rental housing stock in LA goes, you’re much better off having a celebrity couple like them for landlords (they’ll fix things, if only to avoid bad press) than some real estate investment ghoul like Steve Mnuchin who Read more

3/20/20 12:51PM

That wealthy woman who tested positive, decided she was the exception, left Manhattan and went to that little hospital anyway should be put in jail. Read more

3/13/20 1:34PM

Hey, can we get rid of Florida and give Puerto Rico statehood? Just sayin’.

3/11/20 5:51AM

Look at these two beautiful people with no fucks left to give.

3/10/20 4:32PM

There were several damning parts of this email dump that stood out to me, and the most satisfying one was the missive from his own brother, which I’ve included below (quoted from this Vulture article), emphasis mine. Read more

3/02/20 3:14PM

Alternatively, his mom lives lives in the attic of his house.

2/27/20 5:34PM

How about we never eat anything again, never travel anywhere, don’t smoke any more crack, and all just wither away and die in our bubble homes. 

2/27/20 11:19AM

Everyone else can weigh in on the substance, but I’d just like to state that I hate his affected “Britishisms”. Dude, you were BORN IN KENTUCKY.

2/26/20 4:53PM

We also sprung for a super fancy dinner, then spent the night in a super fancy hotel (that used to be a brutal jail, SYMBOLISM)! It was a great day.

2/26/20 1:00PM

OK but how do I join W.I.T.C.H

2/25/20 2:46PM

Don’t use your hazards! People behind you will have no idea what you’re doing. Put on your blinker towards the spot you’re parking at. Read more