2/14/20 12:34PM

Literally, she is glowing. Her skin looks phenomenal. Shes always been a babe though!

6/07/19 3:12PM

This is the explanation we really need. And whats up with those rings? Im assuming they’re wildly expensive GSW championship rings, but my god they’re tacky.

5/21/19 12:21PM

Its frowned upon when you place your baby on the ground in public. Not so much when they’re in a carrier..

5/17/19 1:45PM

What the article didnt mention is what kills me the most- shes being bullied by the guys in class. A singled out female being bullied and sexually harrased by a group of boys and the school is doing nothing to intervene. And then the mother is banned from campus when they finally decide to investigate. Read more

5/02/19 3:52PM

I cant believe this needs to be said but eggs (chicken babies), just like human babies, dont come out of the same place shit does.

4/24/19 12:23PM

Same!! Ended up having quite the thing for The Rock. The crush on the other hand, still couldnt smell what I was cooking ::womp womp::

12/05/18 12:48PM

I love her with bangs. I mean.. I love her no matter what, but her hair looks good here!

11/07/18 12:49PM

I think my large Chloe is my most extravagent purchase, and she was about half that $

11/07/18 12:41PM

Um can you reccomend some hair products to a fellow frizzy haired, soon to be tired mom?

11/07/18 12:40PM

Really? I have an autographed HP book from her. She came to a Barnes and Noble near us when the book was first released in the US.

10/04/18 12:42PM

I hate to admit I even know this.. but she goes by Bardi and her fans are ‘Bardi gang’. I believe its because she associates with the bloods, but could be wrong about that part. Maybe its actually a Bronx thing? But eitherway, its not a misspelling.

9/05/18 12:24PM

Yeah, that could be it. I love when apps continue to ask if I want to connect with my FB friends, despite deactivating. Its very reassuring. Read more

9/04/18 1:03PM

You can actually view a business’ FB page without being a FB user. I deactivated my personal page years ago and look up local pages for neighborhood info all the time.

8/01/18 11:19AM

Did he get his wattle stapled to his chin recently?

7/09/18 4:38PM

Why does he have the puckered mouth of a decades long smoker? Is it just from being a life long sour puss?

7/02/18 4:11PM

13 promise (not to cheat) rings + 1 engagement ring?

7/02/18 2:29PM

Dame, why are you so mad? Lee Daniels said hes gonna pay you.