Dr. Boots' List
Yesterday 2:16PM

At first I thought “face-controlled” meant being in a masquerade mask, like Eyes Wide Shut.

Yesterday 2:07PM

The order asks them to remove tomatoes that come standard and then requests that they add tomatoes.  Do they not want tomatoes at all, or do they want extra ones? No way to tell. 

Yesterday 1:54PM

Two young boys whose true nature is revealed when they are splashed with fluids . . . sure, go ahead.  

Yesterday 1:48PM

I could, I would translate it to French.

Yesterday 1:39PM

just two thin slices of deli turkey and three slices of bread

Yesterday 10:52AM

This sounds tasty!  At some point I got hooked on drizzling aged balsamic vinegar on my strawberry ice cream.  Like aged enough to naturally have the viscosity of syrup.  It’s next level.  

Yesterday 9:59AM

Nothing says I Love You more thanI’d cheat, but no one else will fuck me”.

Yesterday 6:38AM

Sometimes Dan really knocks ‘em out of the park. I can’t improve on his response to letter #2.

Tuesday 7:34PM

Unless they are making the systems in Iceland using locally sourced materials it still isn’t carbon neutral.

Tuesday 2:35PM

Correct. I guess if the methanol is produced in Iceland, the energy input for the conversion is almost certainly geothermal, so from that standpoint it’s kind of cool, but... are they just going to sell these cars in Iceland? Probably not.

Tuesday 11:09AM

If you want your house to smell like Fritos get a binturong*. Binturong pee contains 2-acetyl-1-pyrrolinewhich (2AP) gives them their corn chip/popcorn smell. Their urine always ends up on their feet and tail. They then leave that smell on whatever they climb on, including you. If they are comfortable with you they