Dr. Boots' List
Yesterday 11:10PM

Some people use lemon juice as a natural cleanser for their countertops. Hence, it is naturally clean and I do not need to clean anything that has only touched lemon juice. QED.

Yesterday 11:09PM

I got one of these as a Christmas gift. It sat in a drawer for about a year and a half, but when I was cleaning and pulled it out I got a lime from the fridge and damned if the thing didn’t work. Read more

Yesterday 10:25PM

I’m excited/trepidatious to listen to the new album, but suggesting that the band has “always been Corin and Carrie” smacks a bit of the sort of revisionism in the Spinal Tap bit when Nigel leaves the band.

Yesterday 6:36PM

Shortsighted, really. I guarantee most of those “teenyboppers” are chugging peach bellinis or getting excited about Starbucks peach iced teas. Read more

Yesterday 2:13AM

Yuuup. She would be very good as Shulkie. Not too late to recast, Marvel! Tatiana is a great actor but she sounded like a solid maybe, and she’s only 5'4"!

Thursday 5:45PM

unless the leaked single said anything about Israel and Palestine, yeah.

Thursday 4:23PM

Bakshi exists to remind us that fantasy used to be cheap, perverse, and weird. Glossy corporate nerd-culture has taken over so much of our media it can be hard to recall the niche days sometime, and how shoddy they really were.

Thursday 4:21PM

And yet for some people, that was where their interest in the movies began.

Thursday 2:24AM

Don’t worry, if this was 1992 computer class I would be too busy owning you at Number Munchers.

Thursday 1:23AM

Give her a spinoff show, Marvel, and I promise I will subscribe to this Dinney+ nonsense.

Wednesday 4:21PM

I expect you’re right; you’ve watched it a lot more recently than I have, lol.

Wednesday 3:40AM

Madness! If oxen were meant to be caulked and floated they would have naturally developed floaties on their legs (as per the teachings of renowned naturalist Jean-Baptiste Lamarck). Yet the “caulk”ers refuse to see the error of their ways even when all their spare axles and wagon tongues are swept away in the current. Read more

Tuesday 11:18PM

There was also a lengthy flashback where Marion was a child and raced pods for some reason, but despite being mostly filmed and edited it was cut after Spielberg decided that including too much child slavery might not go over well with the MPAA, who he was struggling to convince to give the film a PG rating.