Oct 2 2019

Stop being nosy or conspiratorial. I know pro football teams have a very poetic conception of the “truth” and thus invite such speculation, but maybe it really is a personal issue that’s nobody’s business and has nothing to do with his playing.

Sep 24 2019

See, and I never saw that neighborhood as having any personality unless you count guys schlepping racist Kosuke Fukudome t-shirts on the corner and drunk assholes in flipflops catcalling women as having “personality.” Good fucking riddance, I say.

Jun 7 2019

He’s not flipping off the Blues, he’s just barred out of his mind and testing his motor function

Jun 6 2019

Venture capital is inherently a game of odds, where you get a lot of rich people with a lot of assets, pool those assets and throw them at 100 ideas you think MIGHT make money and knowing only one or two needs to be a hit. It isn’t about investing in the best tech or product, it’s about investing in something that may Read more

Jun 4 2019

I never thought I would read the words “Mid 20th century Pizza boom” So many fucking times. 

May 28 2019

Honestly, the NBA just needs to shank the NCAA and let people straight into the G League. Offer four-year in-state tuition scholarships to anyone who washes out and you silence anyone who thinks the kids are being denied an education.

May 28 2019

I just hope that playing down there doesn’t mess up the rotation on his shot. 

May 23 2019

I remain convinced that the person most upset with the 2016 Presidential Election results was...Donald Trump. He just ran to stoke his own ego. Back then he knew he had no business being President. But once he won, he had to do the job. So he convinced himself that he was the bestest everything ever and hasn’t stopped Read more

May 23 2019

She’s baiting him. It’s what caused the infrastructure fiasco. She said he’s covering stuff up, and he couldn’t deal with it. So he had a total shit fit. Now she’s saying he is incompetent and his family should deal with him. He’s going to EXPLODE. And when he explodes, he does dumb shit. Read more

May 14 2019

If Gordon Hayward is the problem, then why on earth would my old, southern uncle keep saying that a team full of Gordon Haywards would be so much smarter and more coachable than the other teams and would win the next 10 championships?

Nov 27 2018

I’m one of those people, who has a 2016 Outlander. And while it’s not the most resounding praise, it’s........not bad at all, if not pretty decent. Yeah, it has a CVT, but that might be my only complaint about an SUV/Crossover that can haul a ton of stuff with the seats down and handle Minnesota winter roads like a Read more