“What if all our our Ops are Special?” Read more

The commission? All you can eat, of course!

Ok but back to the important part - how many abortions did you sell her? Read more

things they apparently don’t need: access to healthcare, treatment for std’s, reproductive education, cancer screening, contraceptives, advocates and allies. Read more

I used to volunteer a lot for Planned Parenthood in Los Angeles, and much of that was “community outreach” — going to communities that had a clinic and passing out information about the services it offered. The very first time I did one of those, I had what remains the most rewarding and simultaneously most Read more

Word salad with extra confusing croutons. Read more

“We look to have a great relationship with all countries, ideally, unfortunately that won’t necessarily happen, unfortunately probably won’t happen with many countries, but if we could have as we do with Prime Minister May, and the relationship we’ve all developed, and even the short relationship that we’ve just

I apologize for this, but I can’t turn down even the slightest opportunity to say “fuck Jerry Reinsdorf.” So, Fuck Jerry Reinsdorf. He doesn’t get nearly the amount of scrutiny he deserves for being one of the shittiest owners in baseball or basketball. Read more

I am shocked Austin Rivers is only 24. I feel like we’ve been watching him Keystone Kops his way around the league for at least a decade... Read more

“Utter and abject failure.” She lost the election, yes. However, she did win three million more votes than Trump. It’s a failure, no doubt, but “utter and abject” makes me think you aren’t viewing this entirely rationally. Read more

As a Bernie supporter that was realistic enough to vote for Hillary “just in case” (even though I live in California and there was basically no way it would matter here): yeah, keep pushing the DNC line about how Bernie and Stein supporters fucked all of us. They were definitely the *real* problem. /s Read more

I don’t really understand what a “Bernie Bro” is, but are you placing blame on people who supported Bernie in the primary?
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If you’re willing to be the back half of a moose, I’ve got a plan... Read more

Now they’re doing the same exact fucking thing.
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...and he and his team are using a private server now.
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They hired a coach and then gave him players that don’t fit his system. Then bring in old farts Rondo and Wade. FIRE FOREMAN AND PAXSON. Read more

Wade is unhappy in Chicago. Melo is getting pushed out of New York. Chris Paul is on a team that could be great if he and his teammates weren’t constantly injured. Read more

Dead on. Outside of Butler, the team’s a mish-mash of one-dimensional players. Hoiberg’s rotations devolve into “do we want to play defense or offense next?” Miritic isn’t becoming the guy everyone thought he’d be, McBuckets is becoming exactly the guy everyone thought he’d be, and there’s so little 3 point Read more