6/26/18 2:17AM

Please follow the path to the designated First Amendment Zones where you can protest peacefully, out of sight of any cameras or the people against whom you are protesting.

6/26/18 2:13AM

You realize, even if NoGas was not being sarcastic, wishing something doesn’t actually make it any more likely to happen.

8/09/16 11:38PM

This Olympics is a really good ad for Brazil’s tourism board, well worth the $$$ invested. Read more

8/08/16 2:48AM

I’d be impressed if as a little girl you anticipated the wedding night anal.

8/07/16 7:05PM

You drive a hard bargain, my love, but I accept your conditions.

8/06/16 10:36PM

Yes. You a chick or a dude? Doesn’t matter, just curious.

8/05/16 2:14PM

Anywa, it’s a false choice. Once you have a tab of acid and some weed (followed in a few hours by a molly), it doesn’t really matter how many drinks you have.

8/03/16 1:48AM

And where do you park a fleet of those mega-beasts?

7/27/16 11:34PM

That’s a bit like saying the internet is terrible because ISIS uses it to recruit. Reddit is a massive set of forums on all different topics and while much of it is used to discuss things that I find mindless and/or hateful, there are lots of useful forums too. Some of it is surely redeemable, no? The interface Read more

7/19/16 5:21PM

If only they had their staff spend time looking into things before they are publicly released, rather than after, all this unpleasantness could be avoided. Like with the (clearly not anti-semitic) “sheriff’s star.” It would have to take less time to vet these things beforehand than to have people scour the internet Read more

7/13/16 11:23AM

Another satisfied lawyer. Pretty fucked up that all those who think about this are employed as, or working to become, lawyers. We are some dour fuckers, aren’t we?

7/12/16 9:05PM

That’s funny because over the last 20 years of working, there have been many days that I prayed to get hit by a bus, not so badly that I would suffer any significant permanent injuries, but just enough to lay me up in the hospital for like ... 4 days, with a main line to the finest narcotics in the world. Like a Read more

7/11/16 11:13AM

Sounds promising! What kind of women use that one?