Can you even taste the boot with it fully down your throat? Read more

I wouldn’t put the Vanagon or Eurovan in the same category as the aircooled T2.  It’s been over 40 years since we’ve had a proper bus in the US. Read more

There is a fine line between “preventing big rig rollovers” and “enabling free-range cargo trailers”. Read more

The camera has a bright light pointed at traffic.  I wonder if the driver could even see. Read more

Best possible place for that to happen: low traffic, wide shoulder, straight. Attentive driver had room to evade because they were not following super close and saved their own day, kudos to them! Read more

There are many occurrences.  The most recent ones seemed to be inexperienced soldiers mistargeting civilian aircraft.  Two of the last four events occurred in Somali.  FedEx ships around the world, and sometimes conflicts flare up. Read more

It says civilian planes, not FedEx planes.  FedEx wants to equip their own planes with lasers because other people’s planes have been shot down with MANPADS. Read more

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You seem to be confused... the lights do indeed pop up at the front edge. Then they keep going. Instead of 45 degrees of pop-up rotation (like a Miata) they keep going for an extra half-turn for a total of about 225 degrees of rotation. They do not pop up from the back edge closest to the windshield. Maybe it will be

Oh it’s super simple, just monitor 17 specific aspects and areas of your new vehicle for the first three years of ownership and then you’ll be prescient about the continued longevity of your car. Read more

He identified what was wrong with the motherboard, explaining that the polarity stripe on the backward polarized capacitor was itself installed backward Read more

So the pigs thieved it for themselves.  Fuck civil asset forfeiture, ACAB. Read more

A more plausible scenario would be having two copies of the movie, with “Side A” playing in the first LaserDisc player and “Side B” cued up and ready to go in the second player.  No need to get off the couch, just switch inputs and press play with the remote. Read more

RV is not like a hotel either. It’s *your* bed in the RV, with *your* bathroom. It’s nice having your personal lodging, the scenery changes but your “hotelstays the same. Read more

Have you ever camped in an RV?  It’s not like tent camping.  Maybe you would enjoy it, I’ve found going RVing to be great during the past two years. Read more

According to this post on Rennlist, you don’t want it. Read more

I could see requiring a subscription for the internet-enabled services like car status / remote start through a phone app, but to require it for keyfob remote start functionality is evil. Read more

The problem with a battery is that it doesn’t generate power. You need electricity to refill it.  This fact alone means a battery based solution will never replace the capabilities of a generator. Read more