Asking the tough questions that Ballaban drew you in with and never answered. I like you. To answer your question, it has two at the back of the center "console".

Whiskey... Tango... Foxtrot... What the hell did I just watch? Read more

Metro Detroit has different prices for cash and credit at most places. This only started happening in the last three or four years. I make it a point not to go to the places that have separate prices for cash and credit. Read more

No. It's based on what was shown at the dealer meeting. Read more

You didn't miss anything. I was referencing the 2014 facelift and worded it poorly. Read more

Have you ever heard one in person? Read more

The revised model will be released next model year. The overall design is a blockier evolution of what the redesigned Tundra is. Read more

Tell that to my cousin. Engineer for Mercury Marine. Read more

They're in use for limited applications. I've seen them used more in ATV and UTV applications.

And the fact that there's snow on the ground in the video and it's currently summer in Burlington. Read more

The Slingshot puts out 166 and they haven't had problems with belts yet. Read more

They engineered the rear tire to remain flat throughout corners. This thing has the largest sway bar I've ever seen. It looks to be at least 25mm. Read more

I asked about that today since I had the same question and it's because of headlight regulations. The Canadian model is different and has the headlights at the outside instead of split up like the US model. Hopefully my idea to their engineer about the empty headlight spot on the US model will lead to some break

These are nothing like the belts on snowmobiles. Much more durable and it really takes some serious damage to make them fail. Read more

166 ft-lbs to be exact. If they didn't break any belts during the demo rides today, snapping belts isn't going to be an issue. We beat the crap out of them today. :) Read more

They say they haven't had any problems with the belts yet. They carbon fiber reinforced and are pretty durable. Read more

The explanation that I got from the engineers today was essentially that it was about smoothness, low maintenance, and quietness of using a belt. This ends up being almost pointless since it's drown out by the whine of the transmission. Read more

255-35-20 for the rear and 225-55-18 for the front on the SL. The base model comes with 17" wheels in the front and an 18" wheel in the rear. I believe tire sizes only change to accommodate the smaller wheels on the base model. I also found out that they worked with a tire company to develop the tires on this unit. Read more

Mileage is 25-27 on the highway. 9.8 gallon fuel tank. Read more