I think he could boast a little bit more too. Also he'd have room for the Tesla if only he parked the BMWs between the lines. Read more

I would imagine that a Bolt that lost its charge would be called a deadbolt... Read more

Would LOVE to see these guys in January at Sno*Drift! Read more

You will now be dragoned by Ray Wert as proper punishment for your mistake. Bite the camshaft, he's going in dry. Read more

To most people, it is glorious. Just saying. Read more

I went through 4 windshields on my 12C - two of them just... cracked. No impact, just cracked from strain/poor install/who knows? And 2x cracked badly from impacts that shouldn't have damaged the glass as badly as it did. This problem was known by McLaren, and hence all were replaced under warranty. So wonder if they Read more

It's gonna have a steering wheel like a f*cking orange.

All models come with "2 WYCKED" graphics down the side. Read more

No there's a better solution: buy a Unimog. Read more

Someone's been watching Regular Car Reviews. Read more

Anyone with information should phone police on 0161 856 8809 or the independent charity Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111. Read more

I'm terrified (and excited?) just thinking about what a Solstice GXP engine would do to a 3-wheeled car. Read more

yea, but "cruiser for middle aged balding guy who rides it 3 times a year" != track machine.

I am calling this the weak point in this machine right off the bat, I should just get some pictures for dimensions and start selling a chain conversion kit right now. Read more

There's storage behind both seats. Big enough for helmet. Which leads into the next question. They are classified as motorcycles but iirc they won't require motorcycle endorsements in most states due to being trikes. They will also fall under helmet laws in some states. Not in Texas where I test drove one 6 months ago Read more

I'm going to assume this releases me from my NDA. Read more

I guess it gives them more room later for a faster version …. Read more