Dec 18 2019

It’s what I saw. They kept going back (again and again) to the role of Luke being Mythic, and his resistance to accept that role. In the end, he does, in grand dramatic fashion specifically to be the “Spark” to light a resistance. That’s exactly what I saw in TLJ.

Nov 29 2019

But does it remember the words to “Walking on Sunshine?”

Nov 26 2019

This is literally the best show on television right now. You just want to hate it because it makes you question your beliefs, troll. Do you think a guy like Alan Moore would ever shy away from discussing race in his comics? Definitely not. This is challenging, deep, and thoughtful art that is commenting on difficult Read more

Oct 14 2019

A good time to remember that Colin Kaepernick gave up his job and all the considerable perks that come with it to stand up against injustice, while LeBron James, whose legacy and bank account are both more secure, is unwilling to risk even a small fraction of future earnings to speak on one of the few world issues Read more

Oct 14 2019

I understand the players are caught between a rock and a hard place. But this has to be one of the most craven capitulations to money I have ever seen by a major athlete. Should have kept quiet. His rationale is bullshit.

Sep 25 2019

“..who “shadowed” Amari Cooper in this game in the same way ashes might look like a shadow when piled on the ground.” Read more

Sep 18 2019

FYI, while I’m loathe to give this troll more attention after his “actually Trump is right about Iran and deserves credit he wants peace” drivel, this stuff about population is equally stupid pseudo-intellectual tripe. We should treat people right, but this justification is some comically ignorant person’s idea of Read more

Sep 18 2019

I don’t know what I was expecting when I read the headline. Really. Maybe I was starting from the place that there is no reasonable defense of Paterno and his inaction. And so anything would seem insane to me. Maybe I was expecting “well, Paterno was also a super devout Catholic so kiddie-diddling by an authority Read more

Sep 3 2019

Funny, they told me the opposite if i stopped holding my Marvel Comics in public i might get a girlfriend.