Silas Von Dookiebird

It never looks like a floating roof - it just looks like nissans have winged eyeliner on their rear windows.


I’m pretty sure the current government made the virus political. Believing it exists is political. Preventing the spread is political. Wearing a face covering is political. Read more

Aug 3

But are they putting them in cages? Just imagine Karen’s outrage upon seeing white kids in cages.

Aug 3

Pretty sure America is Canada’s pants. Just look at Florida.

Jul 31

Children may remain low risk (though they are now seeing brain damage in some children 3 months after they suffered mild symptoms), but those children need their parents, an infected child 99% of the time means infected parent as most children can’t feed themselves, get dressed, etc. You can’t quarantine small Read more

Jul 31

I don’t think that means the same thing on the West coast as it does there.

Jul 29

Thing is Canada paid their unemployed C$2,000 ($1,500) for four months compared to the $1,200 (so far one time) and interest free loans for small businesses to cover their expenses during the shutdown. Read more

Jul 29

Socialism for the rich, capitalism for everybody else. What else is the Republican Party but a social welfare organization in the employ of millionaires, billionaires and transnational corporations?

Jul 28

Everyone, I want to encourage you to take this moment, and prove to everyone in the automotive community that Jalopnik readers aren’t a bunch of 7th graders. Read more